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Logistics Rewired: Navigating the 2023 Ocean RFP Season

Logistics Rewired: Navigating the 2023 Ocean RFP Season Flexport Webinar March 2023

The ocean freight contract negotiation season has begun. Do you have all the information you need for successful negotiations? This timely webinar—featuring Flexport experts—will dive into the specifics of the current market to help you prepare and make the right decisions to move your business forward. Tune in to learn how to safely navigate your company through supplier negotiations and come out ahead of your competition.


  • Anders Schulze | Global Head of Ocean, Flexport
  • Kaitlyn Glancy | VP, North America, Flexport
  • Nerijus Poskus | VP of Ocean Strategy & Carrier Development, Flexport

Please note: the first minute of the webinar is cut off. This minute included the welcoming remarks. The recording picks up mid legal notice.

Thank you for watching.

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