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Convoy Extends Flexport’s Full Truckload Network in the Platform 6-28-21
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June 29, 2021

Convoy Extends Flexport’s Full Truckload Network in the Platform

Convoy Extends Flexport’s Full Truckload Network in the Platform

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With imports still riding high after the Covid shock, logistics everywhere are strained. Getting cargo across the ocean is a milestone, but once goods are in the US, companies still have to maneuver through inland backlogs.

The right partners can help tackle these backlogs. As part of Flexport’s newly expanded partnership with Convoy, companies can rapidly connect with available domestic FTL trucking to keep goods moving to their final destinations.

Let’s look at how global logistics partnerships can help you optimize your supply chain.

Easier Access to Available Trucks

The core issue for the US market is the magnitude of imports. As of March 2021, Asia-US import volume was up 80% year-over-year. Warehouses are beyond crowded, and trucking capacity is locked up across the US.

In this case, Flexport’s collaboration with Convoy lets companies tap directly into a wider trucking network, while booking, managing, and paying for services all within the Flexport platform.

When it’s easier to find available trucking capacity, you can move your goods from warehouses faster and more efficiently.

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Enhanced trucking access allows for greater end-to-end logistics management all in one place. Your company can take advantage of these benefits right away:

  • Gain broader access to domestic transportation via Convoy’s network of US carriers.
  • Capture all communication, data, and reporting in one place for more visibility into supply chains and movement of goods.
  • Calculate landed costs more accurately, using easy search and reporting tools at the shipment level.

And with all your logistics in one place, you may be able to improve your supply chain overall.

Connecting Transport Networks

We’ve entered an era where every leg of a shipment has longer transit times than just a few years ago. Finding ways to increase speed and solve for delays is crucial if we want global trade to thrive.

Believe it or not, US truck freight tonnage actually dropped last month—but not because demand dropped. A large portion of the industry is simply struggling to keep up.

This isn’t necessarily a failure on anyone’s part, either. Lags, gaps, wasted space, and disconnected systems are common problems right now—ones we’re seeing across all transport modes and the world’s logistics infrastructure as a whole.

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The situation calls for greater connectivity across all transport networks, including streamlined communication between carriers and consignees.

Partnerships with providers that share Flexport’s commitment to technology can help create access to capacity—especially when it looks like demand isn’t going anywhere.

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