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Customer Success

How JLab Audio Increases Shipping Volume 10X Without Pumping up Its Operations


By the Numbers


Unit growth with no new headcount


SKU count increase overnight with no impact to operations

100 %

Of suppliers using Flexport’s platform

An Audio Brand Tunes Into Digital Freight Forwarding


The award-winning consumer audio brand switched to Flexport to gain the visibility and control it needed to compete with industry giants. Partnering with Flexport strengthened the company’s expansion into a competitive retail space, scaling distribution with ease.

High Growth, Limited Resources

JLab’s shipment volume increased 10x from 2012 to 2017, requiring ten times the effort to coordinate shipments. That’s precious time and headcount not spent on strategic initiatives. At the same time, scaling up retail distribution required more coordination between more stakeholders. Staying up-to-date on shipments’ status is crucial to building trust as a reliable vendor.

Working with a traditional freight forwarder compounded these challenges, as much of JLab’s supply chain was tracked through spreadsheets and email exchanges, rather than real-time updates.

"Since switching to Flexport, our retail partners have noticed the increased responsiveness on shipment status. They’ve stopped banging down the door and trusted us to provide answers proactively."

Win Cramer

Flexport’s Solutions for JLab

Tools designed for operations at scale: Flexport digitizes all shipment documents, notifications, and lifecycle events in a central platform, making everything from SKU distribution to landed cost analysis much more efficient.

Real-time tracking: Satellite and carrier integrations in real time, complemented by a dedicated Flexport team, ensure that the whole JLab team can stay informed about their supply chain 24/7.

Collaborative communication: 360-degree online communication enables suppliers, carriers, and JLab stakeholders to share information and take action, eliminating silos and reducing transaction costs.

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