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Pallet Exchange Fee


A pallet exchange fee is charged if the trucker does not bring pallets to exchange when they pick up the cargo.


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What is a Pallet Exchange fee?

A Pallet Exchange fee is the fee charged by the carrier if the trucker does not bring pallets to exchange with the carrier's pallets when they pick up the cargo. 

For air and LCL shipments, cargo is usually palletized (if not at origin, then at destination). Pallets make it easier to handle and store the cargo. 

If the cargo was palletized by the airline or warehouse, the trucker will need to bring pallets to exchange when they pick up the goods. If they do not bring pallets to exchange, there will be a Pallet Exchange Fee, which we pay to the carrier to compensate for “keeping” their pallets.  

The Pallet Exchange Fee is charged per pallet and varies depending on the carrier. 

If applicable, a Pallet Exchange Fee will be reflected on your invoice as a Destination Charge. 

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