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Flexport.org's Climate Solutions Portfolio

Flexport is your one stop place for a sustainable supply chain.


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Flexport makes shipping your cargo transparent, reliable, and affordable

Since 2016, Flexport.org has helped our clients measure, reduce and neutralize their emissions from shipping. Read just how we empower our clients to reach their sustainability and environmental goals below.

First, measure your carbon footprint

Flexport’s emissions calculator is accredited by the Smart Freight Centre, in conformance with the GLEC Framework, meaning the way your emissions are calculated on our platform aligns with leading industry standards. We’ve also opened up our technology via an API and the non-Flexport uploader tool so you can measure your entire transportation emissions footprint in one centralized place on our platform, regardless of who moved it or where it is going. Your emissions data is available to you for every shipment at the time of quoting and throughout the shipment’s lifecycle. You can analyze and aggregate this data in the platform in reporting, analytics and the Flexport.org Impact Dashboard. We make it easy for you to understand your CO₂e transportation emissions and how to act.

Second, reduce from the start

Once you have a baseline of measurement in place, that’s when reduction begins. There are a variety of ways you can begin to reduce your emissions directly through the Flexport platform:

  • Alternative fuels: You can purchase Marine Biofuels through our partnership with GoodShipping to make certified emissions reductions in your supply chain.

  • Tailored supply chain analysis and consulting: The Flexport.org team is here to help analyze your supply chain, set your emissions baseline, and get started with creating meaningful goals and targets for reduction. Examples include, but are not limited to:

    • Modal switch and sustainable forecasting
    • Container utilization optimization
    • Route planning to prioritize speed, cost, and emissions

Third, offset the rest

Our Carbon Offset Program was created in 2016 and has been an important tool for Flexport clients to take meaningful client actions in their supply chain. CO₂ is the world's most prevalent greenhouse gas, which contributes to disruptive weather and devastating natural disasters. Transportation is the second largest source of CO₂ emissions globally, and freight-related transportation can account for more than 30% to 50% of a company's total carbon footprint. That’s why we partner with Pachama, a technology company that uses remote sensing and machine learning to identify the world’s highest quality forest restoration and conservation projects. Through our partnership with Pachama, Flexport has confidence that every carbon credit purchased through our program reflects one less ton of CO₂ in the atmosphere. We make it easy for you to enroll in the program, and offset both historic and non-Flexport shipments for full carbon neutrality.

How do I get started?

It's easy– Just email carbon@flexport.com.

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