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Flexport's LCL Service

Flexport offers global LCL coverage, as well as in-house consolidations available on more than 300 lanes. See below for more information.

Flexport's LCL Service

Flexport offers global LCL coverage. Additionally, we offer our own in-house consolidations via the Flexport LCL service, currently available on more than 300 lanes (and expanding to new destinations every day):

Destination: Mainland United States

Flexport's LCL service is available for all mainland U.S. destinations from the following origin ports. Note: For many destinations, we offer an expedited service option.

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Expedited services built to tackle the most demanding supply chains!

If you move LCL from Ningbo or Shanghai, ask your Flexport team about our Premium service. This unique service offers a 5-7 day reduction in transit time to the U.S. west coast and up to 14 days faster to inland and east coast destinations.

Flexport’s LCL Plus service is available from all of our Asia base ports and combines our leading class ocean product with expedited to-door service to most U.S. metropolitan areas. This service provides superior on-time performance and is great for avoiding costly rail delays.

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Destination: North Europe

If you're shipping LCL to Felixstowe, Hamburg, or Rotterdam:

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Destination: Canada

If you're shipping LCL to Canada:

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Our Climate Commitment: Offseting Flexport's Consoldiation Services

Flexport offsets our consolidation services, like LCL and OceanMatch on your behalf at no cost to you. Since 2018, Flexport has offset over 50,000 TCO₂e, which equates to carbon sequestered by over 60,000 acres of forests.

When booking an LCL shipment serviced by Flexport, offsets the emissions for an entire shipment’s journey, end-to-end. These credits will directly fund emissions mitigation projects through our partner Pachama. Pachama’s team of forest scientists and conservation experts work directly with project developers to ensure that every Pachama project provides additional co-benefits such as planting native species, preserving endangered wildlife, and creating jobs and educational opportunities for local communities. By partnering with Pachama, we bring an additional layer of precision and confidence to our investments in nature.

If your business is interested in offsetting the emissions footprint for all your shipments, you can enroll in’s Carbon Offset Program or visit the Sustainability Dashboard.

Read more about shipping FCL vs. LCL and the benefits of Flexport's LCL service here!

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