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Flexport Platform

Unchain Your Supply Chain

Picture freight without constraint. That’s the new reality on the Flexport Platform. Unprecedented visibility and control for you, your partners, and suppliers—from PO creation all the way to final delivery.

Track Everything Effortlessly

Track your freight over ocean, air, and land. Get milestone updates, exception alerts, landed cost, and inventory impacts at a glance.

More Flow. Less Work.

Collaborate in real time. Order from suppliers. Track inventory in motion. Message your warehouse. The Flexport Platform speeds workflows for everyone in your supply chain.

Your Data for Better Decisions

Transit time, landed costs, and container utilization are now metrics within reach—thanks to the Flexport Platform’s power to structure, store, and safeguard your data.

Join Thousands of Leading Brands on Flexport

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Cruise at 10,000 Feet. Then Dive into Action.

See your supply chain as a whole, spot any issues, and dive deeper to fix them together with your Flexport team. Your Platform dashboard takes you there.


One Place to Manage It All

Track transportation milestones across your supply chain. Shipment details are never more than a click away.


Immediate Exception Management

Your Flexport team flags any exceptions or changes in a shipment’s lifecycle and works with you to quickly fix issues before they result in demurrage, late fees, or other snafus.


Insights Without the Effort

Business-critical metrics—think transit times, landed costs, and container utilization—are just clicks away. Drive better strategy with advanced reporting.



Make Business Priorities Supply Chain Priorities

Ingest, digitize and store all your commercial documents in one place with the Flexport Platform. Search for SKU, HS code, PO, style, or custom tag—instantly. No more time lost bouncing between systems.


91% of Flexport customers agree that the Flexport Platform allows for clear and fast communication and collaboration with suppliers, partners, and their team.* Learn how medical technology company Qardio puts data at the heart of its business with Flexport.

4 hours

Our current customers save 4 hours a week on average using Flexport over other freight forwarders.* *Based on 2020 TechValidate survey of 200+ current Flexport customers.

55 users

On average, Flexport customers onboard 55 users at their company onto the Platform across supply chain, customer support, finance, and sales.

  • The Flexport Platform allows our company constant visibility to our supply chain. From shipment consolidation options, booking alternatives and data analytics, we have been able to lower freight costs and receive goods in a timely manner.

    Operations Director, Small Business Industrial Manufacturing Company

  • The Flexport Platform has made it easy for anyone in the organization to follow the status of a shipment which allows us to work better as a team and provide better support to our customers.

    Jenny Bremer

    Finance Manager, Linstol USA, LLC

  • We have a well-managed and attentive account team. Platform visibility and milestones are key and Flexport does a great job of tracking each one for real-time decision making.

    Mark Riskowitz

    Head of Operations, Caraway Home

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Unlock Your Shipping Data with APIs

Deploy our growing collection of public APIs. Integrations automate full data visibility from purchase order to invoicing. Save time, reduce errors, and improve decisions.

Take Your Digital Flow Further


Clear goods quickly. Use the data for strategy.

Order Management

Create and manage POs in the Flexport Platform.

Ocean Freight

Cross the ocean reliably, thanks to oceans of data.


Solutions tailored to your decarbonization goals.