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Frustration blog 10-12-20
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October 12, 2020

Best Day Ever: Moments of Frustration Become Wins with the Right Technology and Expertise

Best Day Ever: Moments of Frustration Become Wins with the Right Technology and Expertise

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Flexport Editorial Team

October 12, 2020

The number of things that can go wrong for a logistics manager is mind-boggling. Sometimes, it’s best not to think about it. Just let it all out in one long, cathartic, throat-opening scream. It’s what some people are doing today for Moment of Frustration Day, a random holiday that can feel like it was designed for anyone in supply chain.

So you can save your vocal cords, we invite you to imagine a day in the life, relying on the finest in technological solutions and expert partnerships.

A Great Start

A slew of notifications wait, while you sip the gourmet coffee you definitely had time to make this morning. Notifications are grouped for fast resolution in your freight forwarding dashboard, and everyone on your team has visibility.

An exception pops up in the widget! An order of yard flamingos with Santa Claus hats were supposed to be en route to a ship in China early this morning. The truck got stuck on a bridge, which then opened. There are now yard flamingos everywhere except boarding the ship on time.

You already leaned into this one when your forwarding partner found you space during peak season. Time to crack the old knuckles again and save the day. The last of the coffee goes down in a satisfying gulp.

A Last-Minute Flight

Are there more North Polar flamingos available? Your supplier has sold the majority of its stock, but can ship what it has.

Would rubber duckies in Santa hats do instead? You take it back to your boss, a director who is putting the fine points to the holiday marketing plan. He blinks at you in the mid-morning light of his laptop camera.

“Didn’t think so,” you say preemptively. “Be right back!”

It’s almost midnight in Asia, but Flexport’s platform dings to the rescue. Your supplier has the additional flamingos you need, but they’re at a separate origin point.

They’ll be ready to ship in 36 hours, which makes things tight. A realization forms: these birds are meant to fly! Especially since you now have an extra shipment to track.

A dashboard module streamlines quoting for airfreight options, but you take a deep breath, anyway. Rates have been rough, and that mid-morning blink from your boss could be a full-on glare if you’re not careful.

A brief real-time message update, inline with the rest of the shipment info, lets you keep everyone informed on your progress.

“Quotes for approval soon!” you type. The Flexport app makes it easy to update from anywhere, so you throw in a 🦩 to keep everyone as chill as you are. Time for lunch!

The Afternoon Stretch

Your post-lunch tai chi is interrupted by more notifications. There’s space on the next uplift for the flamingos! You pump your fist to rejoice, not strictly one of the 108 moves, but it feels right. You tag your boss, who gives the go-ahead.

Back at your desk, you confirm your booking online in a few minutes. Since the second supplier is in Vietnam, there’s a different documentation flow. The rules are constantly changing, so it’s best to call your customs broker at Flexport.

The convo goes perfectly. In fact, your customs expert gives you a strategic pointer: Next time, order earlier to ensure you can ship via ocean, and stick to the Vietnamese supplier. You could be eligible for lower tariffs. You send an email sharing the good news.

One of your colleagues has the big idea to reply all, “Did you ask about customs exams? I read an article that said yard flamingos are a fave for international diamond smugglers!”

You reply all back: “Flexport processes over 220K global filings annually and has a 1% average exam rate. No more flamingos will be harmed in the making of this order.

Happy Hour

You’ve totally earned happy hour today. You basically saved Christmas for anyone who likes flamingos. A grin splits your face.

“I love my job!” you think. The walk sign confirms it—everything is moving forward at exactly the right time for you.

You step into the crosswalk. A driver, obviously not as supported in his job, slams on the brakes, splashing a puddle that leaves you drenched. You can’t help it. Out it comes, the long, plaintive, throat-opening scream.

To learn more about how to never recognize Moment of Frustration Day in the world of logistics, sign up to attend this week’s free, virtual digital summit, FORWARD20 by Flexport.

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This is Flexport's mark (alternative). It's the Flexport mark with white.
Flexport Editorial Team

October 12, 2020

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