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December 20, 2021

US HTS Codes Update Gets Pushed Back [UPDATES ADDED]


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Update - Dec 28 | The Presidential Proclamation To Modify the HTS Code was published in today's Federal Register. The new 2022 HTS provisions are effective on the thirtieth day after the date of publication, or 1/27/2022. Section 301 tariffs will apply to the new 2022 HTS numbers if applicable to the old 2021 HTS numbers.

Update - Dec 27 | Changes to the US tariff schedule will take place January 27, 2022. The Presidential Proclamation is scheduled for publication in the December 28 Federal Register.

Update - Dec 23 | The White House has issued a proclamation to modify the HTS, but it's not in the Federal Register yet, so the 30-day countdown hasn't started. We’re one step closer, though.

A bulletin shared by US Customs and Border Protection confirms that the upcoming World Customs Organization Harmonized Tariff Schedule update won’t take place in the US on January 1, 2022, as planned.

  • Continue to use current HTS codes until further notice.
  • Continue to prepare for the update. The question is when, not if.

Throughout 2021, signals indicated the update would take effect on time. That likelihood diminished as the beginning of December passed without the expected Presidential Proclamation and 30-day notice in the Federal Register.

The Customs bulletin is an official confirmation of the delay.

While it’s too early to predict when the change will occur, Flexport VP of Customs Tom Gould recommends importers continue to prepare for the update. Use the current codes until then.

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Stay Current: Follow Tom Gould on LinkedIn and Twitter.

For more on managing the transition, visit Flexport’s HS Classification Update 2022 resource page.

Anyone in need of additional guidance or insight is welcome to email questions to classification@flexport.com.

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