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Flexport Platform

Hi Unchain Your Supply Chain

Picture freight without constraint. That’s the new reality on the Flexport Platform. Unprecedented visibility and control for you, your partners, and suppliers—from PO creation all the way to final delivery.


Track Everything Effortlessly

Track your freight over ocean, air, and land. Get milestone updates, exception alerts, landed cost, and inventory impacts at a glance.

More Flow. Less Work.

Collaborate in real time. Order from suppliers. Track inventory in motion. Message your warehouse. The Flexport Platform speeds workflows for everyone in your supply chain.

Your Data for Better Decisions

Transit time, landed costs, and container utilization are now metrics within reach—thanks to the Flexport Platform’s power to structure, store, and safeguard your data.


Cruise at 10,000 Feet. Then Dive into Action.

See your supply chain as a whole, spot any issues, and dive deeper to fix them together with your Flexport team. Your Platform dashboard takes you there.


One Place to Manage It All

Track transportation milestones across your supply chain. Shipment details are never more than a click away.


Immediate Exception Management

Your Flexport team flags any exceptions or changes in a shipment’s lifecycle and works with you to quickly fix issues before they result in demurrage, late fees, or other snafus.


Insights Without the Effort

Business-critical metrics—think transit times, landed costs, and container utilization—are just clicks away. Drive better strategy with advanced reporting.