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Say goodbye to the endless spreadsheets, emails, and headaches that come with traditional freight forwarding. Ocean. Air. Ground. Customs. Do it all from the cloud with Flexport.

One Place to Manage Everything

Flexport brings together your team, your suppliers, and our experts to keep everyone on the same page. Your dashboard shows the location of your cargo at every step of its journey in real time. And, with visual alerts and updates from your operations team, you get the visibility you need to take back control of your supply chain.

Supply Chain Agility, Accountability, and Peace of Mind

Transparent Rates

Data-Informed Decisions

Inventory Visibility

Transparent Rates

Our pricing is simple and all-inclusive. No hidden fees and itemized invoices alleviate accounting burdens. Your finance team will love you.

Communicate In Context

Stop sifting through your inbox to find information about your shipments. We offer shipment-specific messaging: every shipment includes an activity feed and in-line message thread to show what’s been done and what needs to happen next.

"The real-time notifications and transparency provided by the Flexport platform have been game changers. We no longer have to guess what’s happening with our shipments – we always know what’s going on."

Drew Morrison, Director of Operations

Streamlining Operations for You and Suppliers

Empower Your Suppliers

Simplify Your Invoices

Empower Your Suppliers

When suppliers submit bookings directly to Flexport, we’ll automatically prepare a quote and notify you to review and approve. This means less back and forth, and greater accountability from cargo ready date through final delivery.

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See how American Metalcraft serves up digital transformation with Flexport's tech platform

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