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The Operating System for Global Trade

Freight forwarding is the circulatory system for global trade. It still largely runs on paper. Flexport is changing this with a strategic operating model for modern businesses that powers more transparent, more agile, more efficient, and more profitable global supply chains.

One Platform to Manage Everything

Flexport and the Operating System for Global Trade bring together technology, infrastructure, and expertise to deliver real-time visibility and control, and a far better freight forwarding experience.

ProposalOnboardingClient DataEnters OSPurchase OrderBookingTruckingWarehouse(Consolidation)Ocean or AirCustomsWarehouse(De-Consolidation)TruckingInvoiceTECHNOLOGYEXPERTISEINFRASTRUCTUREOPTIMIZATION

Advanced Technology

Only Flexport connects all the parties in global trade – importers, exporters, trucking companies, ocean carriers, airlines, customs agencies, port terminals – through a single, secure cloud-based platform.


Logistics Infrastructure

In addition to offering access to all modes of transport, Flexport is building cross-docking warehouses near all major global population centers, each connected by high-frequency air, ocean, truck, and rail freight line-hauls in a global hub-spoke network.

Supply Chain Expertise

Flexport delivers 24/7/365 human support, in which customers can interact with a core team of operations professionals. We also offer additional services such as Cargo Insurance, Trade Finance, and Customs Brokerage.

Faster Transit Times

Connecting our tech, infrastructure, and expertise gives clients what they've always wanted: fast and predictable transit times. By tracking air and ocean shipments through our technology platform, plus hundreds of trucks now using our electronic logging devices (ELD), we are able to provide objective ground truth on transit times. And, when clients choose Flexport for end-to-end air service, our network can save them 2-3 days.

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Visibility and Control Over Inventory

Our online dashboard gives brands more visibility and control over their inventory in motion than ever before - allowing them to better match supply and demand, reducing working capital, enabling greater business agility and helping drive growth.

Low Supply Chain Costs

Full shipment information and historic performance data are the keys to optimizing supply chain efficiency and unlocking savings. At the same time, access to all the purchase orders placed by our entire customer base allows us to consolidate loads, providing discounts to those with excess capacity in their containers.

Key Accreditations and Certifications

Maintaining compliance with regulatory and security certificates and licenses is critical to assuring safety and business continuity for our clients. Here are just a few of the accreditations and certifications Flexport holds.

Our Tech Platform
Ocean, Air, Ground, All From the Cloud
Our Service Model
Expert Teams Dedicated to Your Business

Freight Forwarding and Supply Chain Services to Power Your Business

Ocean Shipping

Everything from simple FCL shipping to splitting LCL shipments. We work with top carriers to secure you reliable space at competitive rates.

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We combine air carrier and consolidator relationships with powerful software for airfreight service that's predictable, affordable, and tailored to your needs.

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Ground Transportation

Tech-enabled truck freight services with real-time updates for more reliable planning. Our network of quality trucking partners in every region helps ensure your cargo arrives safely, on time.

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Moving Your Mission Forward

Through Flexport.org, we offer programs for our clients, NGOs, and donor organizations, including carbon offsets, discounted shipping, and pro bono supply chain counseling, to move their sustainability and aid missions forward.

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