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Ship Any Amount.
The Flexibility Is Huge.

Your products must get through. So load your key SKUs onto Flexport’s Ocean Consolidation Network where technology adds visibility and control to every handoff.


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More Service Options. Fewer Limits.

More options make Flexport LCL the right choice for companies of all sizes. With access to more sailings, you can pick the service that’s best for you. Our warehouses, technology, and carrier relationships create higher flexibility and provide much-higher levels of reliability so you can make decisions with confidence.

Service Offerings

From Standard to Expedited to Buyer’s Consolidation

Available on 300+ lanes globally, Flexport’s flagship standard service gives you great flexibility, while expedited service turns up the speed, and buyers consol can streamline the process even further.

LCL Carbon Neutral

Max Out Container Space. Reduce Carbon Emissions

Your customers care about sustainability—so should you. See your carbon emissions data per shipment directly on the Flexport Platform. Flexport will offset on your behalf for all our consolidation services, like LCL and OceanMatch, at no cost to you.


OceanMatch lets you save up to 35% of cost per container with minimal risk of damages, customs delays and other handling, all powered by the Flexport Platform.

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5 days

In an OceanMatch pilot in Q4 2018, Flexport saved shippers moving freight on the Transpacific Eastbound trade lane five days compared to traditional LCL transit times.*


Since starting our Carbon Neutral LCL Service in 2018, Flexport has offset over 45,000 TCO₂e, which equates to carbon sequestered by 50,000 acres of forests.

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Outside of the Box Solutions That Work

Through the Flexport Platform, we match unused space in your container with other Flexport cargo. Flexport’s unique OceanMatch service saves you costs and improves container utilization without compromising on speed.

Manage Your Supply Chain End to End



Tag Urgent SKUs and Empower Suppliers to Do the Rest

Collaborate with suppliers on the Flexport Platform to prioritize your most important products for container loading and build-up at our owned & operated origin warehouses.


Tag Urgent SKUs and Empower Suppliers to Do the Rest

Collaborate with suppliers on the Flexport Platform to prioritize your most important products for container loading and build-up at our owned & operated origin warehouses.


Give Suppliers Booking Control

The Flexport Platform lets suppliers manage bookings, even for consolidations, so they can book door-to-door or based on the terms of the order. Pre-filled booking forms make it easy.


Better Milestone Tracking Greater Confidence

Place your booking and see your shipment at every step. Track all milestones on our Platform, including consolidation and deconsolidation at Flexport warehouses where our team manages every detail.


<10% Customs Inspection Rate

Less than 3% of our ocean consolidation boxes are selected for customs inspections—the result of a rigorous client onboarding process and tight controls over every shipment, safeguarding against Dangerous Goods or other irregularities.


Expedited Unloading for On Time Deliveries

Trucking partners can communicate directly with your warehouse about deliveries on the Flexport Platform. Milestones update automatically for less friction at the finish line.

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Real World Reporting for Real-World Impact

Want to sign sales contracts now? Then you need to know what’s in transit. Schedule customized inbound shipment reports to keep you and your receiving warehouse on the same page, making delivery dates to end customers more reliable.


Put Your Supply Chain at the Center of Business Operations

Communicate with your team about key trends, using Flexport’s analytics. With tons of data that’s easy to read, insights arise and supply chain strategy takes shape.

Ready to Get Started?

Talk to a supply chain solutions expert and see the Flexport Platform in action.

Frequently Asked Questions

Should you wait to ship a full-container load (FCL) or ship a less-than-container load (LCL) now. FCL can be faster and, if you have sufficient cargo, more cost effective. See this primer for more info. But when ocean space is unusually tight, LCL can prove more reliable.

No, we have a reasonable minimum charge, so there are no minimum volume or weight requirements when shipping your goods with Flexport.

Far from it. We offer multiple service levels with different transit times, including Standard, Express, Premium, LCLPriority and OceanMatch.

Yes, all Flexport LCL shipments are already offset, at no additional cost to you. Learn more about how to offset carbon emissions and reduce corporate environmental impact.

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