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Help with Supply Chain.

Any humanitarian crisis is also a logistics crisis. With Flexport, supply chain responses focus on coordination and aim for speed. Deliver to areas in need with expert help at each step.


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Respond to Need Quickly and Easily

Humanitarian aid shipments are optimized for rapid arrival, including easier customs clearances. If you need advice, offers it pro bono, even if you ship with someone else.

Extend Your Idea of Infrastructure

Some regions are just less accessible, but your goods can still get there. Share end-to-end tracking with your partners for greater coordination. Your Flexport team is ready to help with exceptions.

Keep Costs in Perspective

Crises are unpredictable. Your logistics costs don’t have to be. Learn about discounted shipping via or stabilize costs further with powerful insights in the Flexport Platform.



Get the Lay of the Land, Ocean, and Air

Prepare for the mission ahead with your supply chain all in one place. Track goods end-to-end, eliminate back and forth, and onboard suppliers and partner nonprofits for greater visibility.

  • The relationship with Flexport has provided a greater level of continuity and predictability to our core operations, as compared with previous ad-hoc forwarding relationships, allowing us to fully standardize the way we move cargo in emergencies.

    Director of Humanitarian Programs




Targeted Logistics Help, So You Can Help Others

When import or export rules change mid-crisis, your Flexport team helps with licenses and documents. Brokers can help ease clearances in unstable areas. In chaotic situations, Flexport can help you find and deliver relief.


Get Shipping Costs Covered

The Fund, managed by CAF America, helps pay for transportation costs for nonprofits and mission-driven organizations. With costs covered, help can arrive faster and goods can go farther.

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Supply Chain Stability Saves Lives During Conflict, Disaster, and Disease



Doing Good with Excess Goods

Flexport can help redistribute goods to nonprofits. Companies donate their returns, retired products, or new supplies to, so that organizations in need can put them to good use.

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