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January 25, 2022

CBSA Publishes New Trade Verification Priorities


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The Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA) has released the list of their upcoming verification priorities for 2022. The list is normally published twice a year in January and July and often has carry over from previous iterations.

This list signals which products CBSA may be more likely to audit. It gives Importers advance notice that allows them the opportunity to conduct a review, either internally or in conjunction with a customs broker or trade consultant.

CBSA Tariff Verification Priorities

There are currently 21 active CBSA verification priorities.

Nineteen are for tariff classification:

  • Spent fowl - Harmonized System Number(s): Headings 02.07, 16.01 and 16.02
  • LED lamps - Harmonized System Number(s): Heading 85.39
  • Furniture for non-domestic purposes - Harmonized System Number(s): Headings 94.01 and 94.03
  • Batteries - Harmonized System Number(s): Heading 85.06
  • Footwear ($30 or more per pair) - Harmonized System Number(s): Heading 64.03
  • Parts of lamps - Harmonized System Number(s): Heading 94.05
  • Pasta - Harmonized System Number(s): Heading 19.02
  • Cell phone cases - Harmonized System Number(s): Headings 39.26, 42.02 and 85.17
  • Pickled vegetables -Harmonized System Number(s): Heading 20.01
  • Gloves - Harmonized System Number(s): Headings 39.26 and 42.03
  • Bags -Harmonized System Number(s): Heading 42.02
  • Other mountings and fittings, suitable for furniture -Harmonized System Number(s): Heading 83.02
  • Air heaters and hot air distributors- Harmonized System Number(s): Heading 73.22
  • Flashlights and miners’ safety lamps - Harmonized System Number(s): Heading 85.13
  • Stone table and counter tops- Harmonized System Number(s): Heading 94.03
  • Parts of machines and mechanical appliances - Harmonized System Number(s): Heading 84.79
  • Other chemical products - Harmonized System Number(s): Heading 38.24
  • Bicycle Parts - Harmonized System Number(s): Heading 87.14
  • Parts for Use with Machinery of Chapter 84 - Harmonized System Number(s): Heading 84.31

Two fall under valuation:

  • Apparel - Harmonized System Number(s): Chapters 61 and 62, with an emphasis on assists
  • Footwear - Harmonized System Number(s): Chapter 64, with an emphasis on freight and service fee additions.

What You Can Do Now

Verification priority lists aren’t comprehensive of all potential audits for the year. Importers can still fall under scrutiny through random audits as well.

Priorities are established throughout the year and reflect trends and risks that CBSA has encountered or deems to be potential issues.

With the lists, importers have the chance to get ahead of audits and get their house in order before CBSA comes knocking—an advantage most other Customs agencies in the world don't offer.

For an initial risk assessment and advice on next steps your company can take to avoid unnecessary penalties or scrutiny, reach out to Flexport.

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