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April 14, 2022 and Pachama Partner to Offer Nature-Based Carbon Credits and Pachama Partner to Offer Nature-Based Carbon Credits

Susy Schöneberg

VP of Impact and General Manager,

In the past year alone, the sustainability sector has undergone substantial changes. As corporations and governments are doubling down on climate commitments around the world, the voluntary offset market landscape is changing at a rapid pace. These new commitments and regulations are resulting in increased scrutiny of the quality of offset credits. As demand for carbon offsets continues to rise, it is critical that companies ensure that they invest in the highest quality credits available today.

In the freight industry, we face some unique challenges. Unlike other sectors, freight is especially complex to decarbonize, which is why high-quality offsets are an important component to any company’s neutrality goals for their supply chain emissions. Now more than ever, companies need to act to combat the effects of climate change throughout their supply chain by committing to calculate, reduce and neutralize their emissions footprint.

Introducing Our Newest Partner: Pachama

To double down on our commitment to helping our clients take meaningful climate action, we are excited to announce Pachama as our newest partner for’s Carbon Offset Program. Harnessing the latest advancements in satellite imagery, remote sensing and machine learning, Pachama measures the carbon stored in our forests and monitors forest growth over time.

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Pachama is a technology company on a mission to restore nature to solve climate change. Founded by Diego Saez Gil and Tomas Aftalion in 2018, Pachama was created after both founders saw firsthand the destruction of the Amazon rainforest in their home country of Argentina.

Pachama’s Tech-First Approach to Protecting the Planet

By partnering with Pachama, we bring an additional layer of precision and confidence to your investments in nature. With Pachama’s satellite technology, they evaluate projects across many of the most at-risk areas all over the world, constantly bringing Flexport and our customers the highest quality projects in a rapidly evolving market. Together, we can generate real impact.

Pachama is entirely focused on leveraging data, artificial intelligence, and automation to protect ecosystems, restore forests, and improve carbon markets. And we share a common goal of putting better data in the hands of people so together, we can all work towards creating a healthy, living planet.

At Flexport, we fundamentally believe technology can make traditional practices more efficient, more transparent and more precise. We’re excited to partner with a fellow tech company to make this vision a reality for all of our collective investment in restoring nature.

Restoring Nature to Help Fight Climate Change

Nature-based solutions that harness the natural world to address pressing societal challenges, are one of the most important tools to combat the effects of climate change. Natured-based solutions have the potential to sequester 10 gigatonnes of carbon per year, creating immense impact while protecting our planet. Each project is carefully vetted by proprietary technology and forest scientists to make sure your investment reduces carbon, restores wildlife and supports local communities.

Through our partnership with Pachama, Flexport now offers a portfolio of high-quality forest projects with Pachama such as:

Through our program, clients can offset their transportation emissions for both Flexport and non-Flexport shipments.

Invest in High-Quality Carbon Offsets You Can Trust

We know not all offset credits are the same. That’s why, through our partnership, we leverage Pachama’s technology to ensure the effectiveness of your offset purchases. Pachama’s forest scientists use remote sensing and machine learning to rigorously evaluate forest carbon projects registered in four of the world’s most notable carbon registries. Flexport is confident that every carbon credit certified by Pachama reflects one less tonne of CO2 in the atmosphere.

Whether you’re shipping with Flexport or not, you can measure and offset your transportation footprint directly via our platform. To learn more, please contact us at

You can learn more about Pachama here.

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Susy Schöneberg

VP of Impact and General Manager,

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