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March 19, 2022

Flexport’s Data Analysis Tool Can Help Brands Find Savings and Reduce Risk

Flexport’s Data Analysis Tool Can Help Brands Find Savings and Reduce Risk


Your trade data has immense power and valuable insights. For both midsize and enterprise businesses, certain datasets contain meaningful information about how to strengthen your supply chain and save money. Your Automated Commercial Environment (ACE) data is one of these resources.

If your company is looking for ways to minimize duties, plug other cost leaks, reduce compliance risks, and create more efficient processes, Flexport’s ACE analysis solution can guide high-impact strategies.

What Is ACE Data?

ACE data is the compilation of your U.S. Customs data in the Automated Commercial Environment (ACE).

Customs and Border Protection created the database as a centralized record system so it can track, control, and process information related to your imports and exports.

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In its raw form, ACE data is unstructured and hard for companies to navigate. When structured by experienced trade advisors, it can tell you exactly how your supply chain operates.

Putting Your ACE Data to Work

Flexport has designed an ACE analysis tool that can reveal savings and compliance risks, using the last five years of your data.

By treating this data with the care it deserves, your company can mitigate trade risks and surface opportunities including:

  • Optimize classification, country of origin, and free trade agreement use.
  • Optimize costs related to duties, taxes, and special trade program use.
  • Discover potential savings and other value with trade lane analysis.
  • Create cost-efficiencies with warehousing and special shipment strategies.
  • Spot and fix compliance risks related to policies, processes, and procedures.
  • Organize documentation for government queries, audits, or other actions.
  • Build more efficient processes between importers, partners, and agents.
  • Discover automation opportunities to facilitate stronger supply chains.

The results of your analysis are returned to you in a dynamic, interactive format.

Your Flexport Trade Advisor can help you use your results to compare scenarios, understand impacts, devise strategies, and take action on your findings. Your results also allow you and your executive teams to review and make decisions more clearly and easily.

For more information on how an ACE analysis can help set a clear path forward, learn more about trade advisory or reach out to Flexport.

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