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How She's Birdie Achieves 200% YoY Growth by Streamlining Their Supply Chain


YoY growth over the last 3 years


Fewer emails per shipment when compared to previous forwarder


Faster response time from Flexport team (<2 hours compared to 24+ hours with previous forwarder)

One in three women in the U.S. is assaulted in her lifetime. This devastating statistic is the driving force behind She’s Birdie’s modern, tech-enabled personal safety alarms that empowers women—and men—to navigate the world with more confidence. This digitally native brand was founded in 2019 by sisters Amy Ferber and Ali Ferber Peters. For every purchase, She’s Birdie gives a percentage of profits to partner organizations that support women’s safety, shelter and health.

For a company with just three full-time employees—including the co-founders along with their head of growth Richie Mashiko—resource optimization and prioritization are mission-critical for the company’s success. She’s Birdie grew their monthly revenue from $1,200 to seven-figures in just six months. This remarkable growth made it clear that they had outgrown Excel spreadsheets and using their garage as a shipping space. It was time for a logistics partner that could keep up with their rapid growth in sales.

Refusing to Settle for the Status Quo

The founders came to Flexport with over 20 years of experience in product manufacturing and operations. When they learned what was possible with the Flexport Platform, and the end-to-end tracking and collaboration it provides, they realized they didn’t have to settle for the status quo.

It's been two and a half years since She's Birdie started working with Flexport, and in that time they've been able to ship close to a million Birdies, reduced their shipping costs, improve collaboration with their global teams, speed up shipping times and get more end-to-end visibility into their entire supply chain.

Real-Time Decision-Making for Most Optimal Routes

As sales for the original She’s Birdie products surged over the last two years, the increased visibility from the Flexport Platform allowed the team to stay ahead of the spike in demand, without investing in additional headcount. Specific information and insights that the team previously could not access were now available, including SKU-level location information. Detailed data on shipment location (whether mid-crossing, mid-flight, or safely in port) even allowed them to re-route a shipment mid-journey to Chicago, all while knowing exactly who they were coordinating with on the Flexport team anywhere in the world. This increased visibility empowered She’s Birdie to make informed decisions with confidence at every turning point.

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With Flexport, She's Birdie knows exactly when the goods are at their warehouse in Asia, when they're on the boat or when they're in flight. They know which airport it's going to land in, before it gets put on a train to Chicago. They know what mode of transportation is being used to move it from point A to point B and the estimated delivery date. They can also communicate with anyone at Flexport that has participated in this process, along every step of the way.

The She’s Birdie team also valued the unique visibility into the quoting process that Flexport provides. Flexport allowed their team to receive multiple quotes which were previously difficult to obtain with clear and transparent pricing information. Two years later, this increased level of engagement into the quoting process continues to make a difference for their team.

"Our product is small, which allows us to ship by air, and with Flexport, I can easily get quotes for different speeds of air. Simply knowing what options are available, and having a voice in the process is unusual for this industry. Flexport has cut down our shipping costs beyond what we could have imagined."

  • Ali Ferber Peters, Co-Founder, She's Birdie

This high level of visibility, both in the quoting process and our supply chain, generates cost-savings that keep She’s Birdie coming back for more.

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Navigating Critical Decisions With 24x7 Flexport Support

The real-time visibility to track and trace their complex, global supply chain, one platform to manage all communications, 24x7 support from our expert teams, and dependable in-house expertise continue to enable the She’s Birdie team to navigate critical decision points with ease.

Ali explains, “With Flexport, all the information is at my fingertips. I love your platform. I love the ability to correspond at any time of day and get an answer from somebody. Particularly during the pandemic, I get information from Flexport in China and turn it around to our team in Europe. It sped up our response time and made us more nimble.”

Ali and Amy credit their Flexport team—especially their accessibility, proactiveness, and willingness to jump on last-minute calls—for making a huge difference in how they manage their supply chain and their business. By partnering with Flexport, She’s Birdie has been able to achieve additional wins too, like finding the right trucking partner, which ultimately resulted in faster delivery times, something that's especially critical in today’s congested supply chain rife with delays.

Ali sums it up: “I will definitely say that we got our product faster than people I know who have not had the pleasure of working with Flexport.”

  • I love the ability to correspond at any time of day and get an answer from somebody. Particularly during the pandemic, I get information from Flexport in China and turn it around to our team in Europe. It sped up our response time and made us more nimble.

    Ali Ferber Peters

    Co-Founder, She's Birdie

    Ali Ferber Peters shes birdie

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