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Ultimate Consignee

An ultimate consignee is the party who will be the final recipient of a shipment.

How to Ship to Amazon Australia

Know what you need to import into Australia, and how to set up and ship to Amazon FBA warehouses in Australia.


FBA IDs are assigned to every shipment going to a different FBA warehouse.

Amazon FBA 2018 Storage Policy Changes

Amazon FBA is raising the cost of monthly and long-term storage for Amazon sellers storing inventory at Amazon fulfillment centers in 2018.

Help CenterShipping to Amazon FBAWhat is the Timeline of an Amazon Shipment from Destination?

What is the Timeline of an Amazon Shipment from Destination?

Below are outlines of the timeline for an Amazon FBA shipment, showing transit time from the destination port to the Amazon fulfillment center. For an estimate of the total time it will take for your shipment to arrive at its final destination, see How Long Will It Take My Shipment to Arrive at the Final Destination?

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