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Climate Solutions Tailored to Your Decarbonization Goals

Reach your emission reduction goals with low-carbon fuels and carbon offsets. Calculate your emissions, manage transportation types, and learn from your data—all on Flexport.

Flexport sustainability dashboard displaying emissions reduction activities

Calculate Emissions

Add shipment leg one by one to calculate emissions.

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Reduce and Neutralize Freight Emissions in Just a Few Clicks

Climate change might seem daunting, but we make it easy to take action through the Flexport Platform.

Balance Climate with Speed and Cost

Flexport can help you find the optimal mix of transport modes to decarbonize affordably without negatively impacting speed or cost.

Amplify Your Impact

Flexport partners with GoodShipping, CHOOOSE, and Pachama to offer a suite of climate solutions. Run reports that show your impact and share your progress across your company and with customers.

Sustainability Dashboard

Your Environmental Impact in Perspective

Track your progress and take action in the Sustainability Dashboard. Calculate your transportation emissions for all shipments (including with other providers) and summarize your impact by category.

Flexport Sustainability Dashboard
Flexport Sustainability Dashboard


Emissions Calculations You Can Count On

The first step to decarbonize is to measure your footprint. That’s why Flexport calculates the emissions footprint of every shipment we move for you with our Smart Freight Centre accredited greenhouse gas calculator. We open up our calculator technology so you can calculate your entire transportation footprint on our platform, for free with a Flexport account.


Low-Carbon Fuels Avoid Emissions

The best emissions are the ones that are never produced. Reduce your greenhouse gas footprint through low-carbon fuels and shifting to low-carbon transport modes with advice from Flexport’s Climate Team.


Offset Transport Emissions

Freight emissions that can’t be reduced can be offset. At Flexport, we offset LCL, OceanMatch, and disaster relief shipments on your behalf. Other shipments can be offset at a low cost through the Sustainability Dashboard. Ship with someone else? You can offset shipments with other providers in the platform. Ask for a log-in to start.

Greenhouse gas emissions for different shipments across transportation modes
Greenhouse gas emission projections by transportation modes
Optimal mix of transport modes

Join Today To Make A Difference

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Carbon offset module within the Flexport Platform


Protect the Earth. Show the World.

Consumers, shareholders, and businesses care about your environmental impact. Take action with Flexport’s Climate Programs, report on your progress, and share your impact.

Case study

Fairphone Customer Success

Fairphone optimizes lead times and offsets 100% of its shipment emissions.

Product donation request module in the Flexport Platform


Contribute to the Circular Economy

Flexport can help redistribute inventory in good condition to vetted nonprofits in need. Returns, discontinued SKUs, and lightly damaged goods stay out of landfills, reaching environmental and social goals together.

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