Optimize for Both Speed and Cost

Match unused space in your container with other Flexport clients’ cargo, so you pay for only the space within the container you use.

Maximize Utilization and Savings

Powered by Flexport’s global network of structured supply chain data on its Operating System for Global Trade, OceanMatch is a first-of-its-kind ocean freight offering that finds the perfect cargo match to maximize container utilization — saving you money, while also giving you more choice on every ocean shipment.

How It Works

When you provide your shipment data at the time of quoting, Flexport calculates your container utilization and how much weight and volume is remaining in the container. Flexport then intelligently matches cargo from our active database of shipments to your cargo’s specific weight and volume, lane, and cargo-ready date.

The OceanMatch Difference

In total, we match your shipment with cargo from 1–3 additional Flexport clients. We then offer you an ocean freight rate that’s optimized for your shipment’s size, rather than a rate for the full container. Available on both LCL and FCL shipments between 15–50 cubic meters in size on qualified lanes, OceanMatch gives you the ability to optimize your cargo’s price, while not compromising on speed.

Best of Both Worlds

Growing businesses are faced with choosing between speed and cost. LCL may be less expensive, but doesn’t move fast enough. And FCL may arrive quickly, but there’s not always enough cargo to fill the container. In fact, worldwide, more than one-third of all containers sailed with empty space in 2018, driving up port congestion, carbon emissions, and costs for your business. Fortunately, OceanMatch gives you the best of both worlds to optimize your cargo’s price, while not compromising on speed.

19% average cost savings on OceanMatch shipments compared to FCL.

Prioritized Like FCL, More Reliable Than LCL

Because you’re only sailing with Flexport clients — whose cargo and documentation is carefully reviewed to adhere to applicable customs regulations — you have the peace of mind that all shipments loaded in an OceanMatch container are carefully vetted, minimizing the probability of a customs-exam delay. Throughout its journey, your shipment is prioritized just like FCL. Upon arrival to one of Flexport’s secured CFS locations, the matched cargo is quickly unloaded from the container. Your shipment is then dispatched just like FCL for final delivery to your warehouse. And with only 1–3 additional shipments in the container, total deconsolidation time of the matched cargo is drastically reduced.

Carbon Neutral at No Cost to You

When containers sail underutilized, the cargo within them disproportionately impacts carbon emissions. With OceanMatch’s data-driven matching capabilities, container utilization is maximized, and every container is carbon offset through one of Flexport’s certified offset projects, free of charge.

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