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January 4, 2023

10 Webinars to Help You Set Your Supply Chain Up For Success in 2023

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In the interest of keeping our audience up to speed on all things global logistics and trade, Flexport’s webinar program expanded in 2022 to more than 50 webinars. That’s a lot of content to parse, so we’re highlighting 10 webinars from the last year with actionable advice from global experts to help you prepare your business for 2023.

1. Duty Drawback: Do You Have Money Waiting To Be Claimed?

Often a misunderstood benefit, Duty Drawback programs can provide an extra source of cash flow for many companies. Tim Vorderstrasse, Head of Drawback for Flexport moderates a discussion with Aman Advani, CEO and Co-founder of Ministry of Supply, and Dan Strick, Manager of Trade Compliance at K&N Engineering.


2. Logistics Rewired: Driving Fashion Forward for Good

The fashion industry has undergone major changes recenlty, including many companies prioritizing sustainability. Flexport alum Kathleen Hegyesi moderates the discussion with fellow alum Talia Rudee from the team and Annie Agle, head of impact and sustainability for outdoor clothing maker Cotopaxi—as they discuss ways the fashion industry can move to a more sustainable model going forward.


3. The 3 Most Common Supply Chain Bottlenecks

Indra Klijnsma (Milukaite), General Manager of Flexport Benelux, and Lorenzo Favetta, Senior Manager of Accounts discuss the top three sources of supply chain bottlenecks shippers faced over the last few years. Then they move on to examples of tactics for overcoming these challenges, as well as general ways to ensure supply chain sustainability in an ever-changing environment.


4. Logistics Rewired: How Parade and Reel Paper Stay In Stock and Unlock Growth

For fast-growth retail and e-commerce brands keeping shelves stocked and customers delighted is harder than ever, especially ensuring high-demand SKUs arrive in time for peak season. Learn how two fast-growth e-commerce brands, Parade and Reel Paper, are unlocking supply chain efficiency, reducing backorders and meeting demand.


5. Logistics Rewired: Avoid Stockouts & Surplus With Better Inventory Planning

This discussion centers on how to use better planning methods and data to level out inventory peaks and troughs as seen through 2022 and beyond. Moderator Ted Boeglin, VP, SMB Demand & Marketing for Flexport, is joined by Alex Copko, Co-Founder and COO of Forum Brands, and Pratap Ranade, Co-Founder and CEO of Arena.


6. Flexport Capital: Helping Brands Navigate a Cash Crunch

Host Justin Sherlock, Director of Flexport Capital, is joined by Jonathan Loomis, Co-Founder & CFO at Baseballism, and Mark Riskowitz, VP of Operations for Caraway for a discussion of how these brands used cash infusions from Flexport Capital to bridge liquidity gaps during uncertain financial times.


7. Prepare for 2023: To Plan for the Unexpected

The global supply chain will likely remain unpredictable for the foreseeable future, so it’s in every logistics professional’s best interest to have a quiver of tricks at the ready. That’s exactly what we present in this webinar, moderated by Flexport alum Chris Rogers and paneled by Willem van der Feltz, Global Key Account Manager, and Timmi Gaye, Sales Manager for Scandinavia.


8. Is Supply Chain Visibility the Key to 2023 Success?

Agility and resilience are the keywords for supply chain planning as we enter 2023. In this discussion between Flexport’s own Ece Ozturk, Client Solutions Manager, and Nick Barber, Sales Acceleration Manager, you’ll hear ways to leverage supply chain visibility technology to enable you to better prioritize based on business demand.


9. The State of Trade: Reflecting on 2022, Looking Ahead to 2023

The past year was virtually overflowing with supply chain issues—whether port delays or ground bottlenecks, volatile customer demand, or geopolitical uncertainty. For our annual, year-end State of Trade webinar, Flexport Chief Economist Phil Levy and Flexport Co-CEO Ryan Petersen recap and reflect on the global events of 2022 and explore what 2023 may look like for macroeconomics and global logistics.


10. Debottlenecking the Supply Chain With Data

Flexport UK General Manager Christos Chamberlain and Kelsey Corey, Senior Account Manager, cover actionable advice for using supply chain data to overcome a variety of bottlenecks faced by our clients every day.


Whew, after you make your way through those, check back for what’s next as the webinar team continues to line up timely, informative, and lively webinars in 2023. Get in touch or check back on the main webinars page to see what’s in the works and register.

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This is Flexport's mark (alternative). It's the Flexport mark with white.

Key Takeaways


It’s time to prepare your supply chain for 2023. These webinars from 2022 present the information you’ll need to be successful in the new year.


Spanning North America and Europe, our expert panelists were joined by supply chain leaders across the industry as well as some of our own customers to talk about the issues affecting their business over the past year.


As a bonus, watch Flexport’s co-CEO Ryan Petersen and Chief Economist Phil Levy discuss their predictions for what 2023 holds in our 2022 year-end State of Trade webinar.

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