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June 29, 2022

55 Supply Chain & Logistics Experts You Should Follow on Social

Trips Reddy Author Headshot
Trips Reddy

Global Head of Content, Flexport

June 22, 2022

Updated July 13, 2022—We’ve expanded our list with some of your top-requested influencers. See who we’ve added below.

Prior to the pandemic, most folks who weren't in the industry didn’t give much thought to global supply chains. People just clicked on an item on their phones or computers, and it would magically show up at their doorstep. That has changed over the past two and a half years as millions across the world dealt with delays and shortages of everything from toilet paper and cars to avocados and furniture. And businesses have had to grapple with delayed deliveries, overworked staff, and unforeseen levels of uncertainty.

Keeping up with a complex, multi-layered, global industry is harder than most people think, so we decided to share a list of industry experts who share perspectives, news, trends and timely data on a regular basis on Twitter and Linkedin. If you’re looking for fresh, up-to-speed industry updates, here's a list of 55 logistics, supply chain and global trade influencers that our team recommends you follow on LinkedIn and Twitter.

(For Twitter accounts included below, we created a handy list so you can view and follow multiple accounts easily, in one place.)

Please Note: This is not a ranking. We have arranged our list alphabetically (by last name). If you think we missed someone please let us know by emailing us at or tweet at us (and tag @Flexport in your post).

1. Dr. Muddassir Ahmed, PhD

Twitter: @muddassirism


With a PhD in Management Science and 15 years of experience in the industry, Dr. Ahmed serves as the Founder and CEO of SCMDOJO. His company's mission is to enable supply chain professionals and teams to solve industry challenges by providing on-demand courses, guides, tools, and mentoring from industry experts.

2. Lisa Anderson

Twitter: @LisaAndersonLMA


As a leading supply chain innovator and consultant with more than 20 years in the industry, Lisa is also a sought-after logistics conference speaker and a renowned author who has appeared in media outlets like the Wall Street Journal, ABC News, and CEO Magazine.

3. Brian Laung Aoaeh

Twitter: @brianlaungaoaeh


After a decade in finance and investment management, Brian turned his attention to the rebuilding of the global supply chain with the founding of his VC firm, REFASHIOND Ventures — an emerging VC that invests in startups refashioning the global supply chain.

4. Richard Baldwin

Twitter: @BaldwinRE


Richard Baldwin is an esteemed professor of international economics at the Geneva Graduate Institute. He holds a PhD in Economics from MIT, and authors two well-known books on global economics. In addition, he serves as Editor-in-Chief of Vox EU.

5. Sarah Barnes-Humphrey

Twitter: @bevictoryus


Award-winning educator, founder, and host of the Let's Talk Supply Chain podcast. Sarah takes the most complex supply chain and logistics subjects and explains them effortlessly to all audiences.

6. Kelly Barner

Twitter: @BuyersMeetPoint


As the co-founder and Managing Director of Buyer's Meeting Point, Barner is a pro at analyzing trends, making relevant information available to subscribers, and helping them advance their growth.

7. Alan Beattie

Twitter: @alanbeattie


After achieving his MPhil in Economics from The University of Cambridge, Alan started his career as an economist for the Bank of England. He now serves as the senior trade writer for the FT's daily Trade Secrets newsletter where he explores all things globalization.

8. David Beckworth

Twitter: @DavidBeckworth


Beckworth is an Economist and Senior Research Fellow at The Mercatus Center at George Mason University. He also hosts the "MacroMusings" podcast covering macroeconomics for the masses.

9. Paul Berger

Twitter: @pdberger


Berger is a reporter at The Wall Street Journal where he covers all things logistics and supply chain. Prior to this, Paul worked as a transportation reporter where he covered state and federal policies, regional economics, and transportation technology.

10. Chad Bown

Twitter: @ChadBown


Chad Bown is well-known as an established economist, a Reginald Jones Senior Fellow at the Peterson Institute for International Economics, and host of the "Trade Talks" podcast.

11. Lora Cecere

Twitter: @lcecere


Lora is the founder of Supply Chain Insights, a research firm focused on all things supply chain. Along with her 30 years of supporting clients, she also holds titles as a published author, blogger, and contributing writer at Forbes.

12. Dave Clark

Twitter: @davehclark


Dave Clark was the CEO of Worldwide Consumer at Amazon. During his 23-year tenure at Amazon, Dave and his teams built much of their legendary fulfillment, logistics, and transportation network. Earlier this month, we announced that Clark will be joining Flexport as our new CEO in September of 2022.

13. Emma Cosgrove

Twitter: @emmacos


Cosgrove is a senior reporter at Business Insider where she focuses her reporting on logistics within e-commerce. From the labor force behind deliveries to innovative technology, she tried to help people better understand supply chains and how goods make it to our front doors.

14. Shawn Donnan

Twitter: @sdonnan


Donnan is a senior writer at Bloomberg, where he covers all things economics. He also spent time as a journalist for the Financial Times earlier in his career.

15. Timothy Dooner

Twitter: @TimothyDooner


Along with his co-hosting gig on the "What The Truck?!?" podcast, Dooner brings 16 years of industry experience in operations, sales, consulting, and marketing. He has worked with numerous companies including, Reebok, FedEx, and Hasbro.

16. Craig Fuller

Twitter: @FreightAlley


Fuller is the Founder & CEO of Freightwaves, a media and intelligence platform sharing up-to-the-minute news, commentary, and data analysis on the freight forwarding industry.

17. Cassandra Gaines

Twitter: @MadGainesLive


Gaines is the Founder and CEO of Carrier Assure Inc., a performance scoring software that helps clients match the right carriers to the right shipments. She also hosts her talkshow “MadGaines Live” on FreightWaves TV where she offers educational, non-traditional info on global supply chains.

18. Adrian Gonzalez

Twitter: @talkinlogistics


Gonzalez is the Founder and President of Adelante SCM, an online community for supply chain and logistics professionals. He is also the creator and host of Talking Logistics, a weekly talk show where he interviews other industry leaders.

19. Harold (Hal) Good

Twitter: @Hal_Good


Good serves as an advisor, consultant, influencer, and evangelist for all things procurement. He brings 30 years of experience leading organizations as the founder, president, and CEO of Procurement Pros Group, LLC.

20. Ben Gordon

Twitter: @benjaminhgordon


Prior to his time as Managing Partner and CEO Cambridge Capital, Gordon spent his career building, advising, and investing in supply chain companies including UPS, Nations Express, and GENCO, to name a few.

21. Martijn Graat

Twitter: @LogisticsMatter


Martijn is the founder and lead writer at—an online platform and community for emerging trends in logistics and supply chain. He also is the proud creator and host of the "Does Logistics Matter?" podcast.

22. Sherri Hinish

Twitter: @supplychnqueen


Hinish who calls herself the “Supply Chain Queen” leads IBM's Global Supply Chain Transformation team towards more sustainable processes. She has received many accolades including the 2021, 2020 & 2019 Supply & Demand Chain Executive "Pro to Know," and the "People's Choice 2020 Global Woman in Supply Chain Leader," to name a few.

23. Bjorn Vang Jensen

Twitter: @bjornvangjensen


Jensen holds an impressive track record in managing local, regional, and global supply chains within FMCG, retail, and consumer spaces. He's currently the VP of Advisory Services for Global Supply Chain at Sea-Intelligence.

24. Lars Jensen


With 20 years of shipping knowledge and experience as the co-founder of Sea-Intelligence, Jensen continues to make waves as an independent analyst, advisor, and thought leader in the supply chain industry.

25. Eric Johnson

Twitter: @LogTechEric


Johnson is the current Director at S&P Global and Senior Technology Editor at His areas of expertise include financial analysis, procurement transportation management, and global trade management.

26. Lori Ann LaRocco

Twitter: @loriannlarocco


Author and Senior Editor of Guests at CNBC Business News, Lori Ann interviews industry leaders to uncover relevant financial happenings, top-notch economic strategies, and ways to succeed in business.

27. Phil Levy

Twitter: @philipilevy


Levy has a PhD in economics from Stanford University and many years of experience as an ivy-league professor. He previously served as Senior Economist for Trade on President George W. Bush’s Council of Economic Advisers and handled international economic issues for Secretary of State Condoleeza Rice’s Policy Planning Staff. He's currently the Chief Economist at Flexport.

28. Scott Lincicome

Twitter: @scottlincicome


Lincicome is the director of the Herbert A. Stiefel Center for Trade Policy Studies at the Cato Institute in Washington, D.C where he focuses on international trade, the global supply chain, and industrial policy.

29. Sam Lowe

Twitter: @SamuelMarcLowe


Lowe is a Director at Flint Global where he consults with governments and multinational firms on trade regulation. He also publishes the Substack newsletter, "Most Favoured Nation," and has appeared on BBC and in The New York Times.

30. Scott Luton

Twitter: @ScottWLuton


As the Founder & CEO of "Supply Chain Now," Luton is a leader in the logistics space. With more than 20 years of experience, he has been featured in The Wall Street Journal, CNN, USA Today and more.

31. Joe Lynch

Twitter: @The_LOL_


Lynch is the founder of Logistics of Logistics, a consultancy that provides advice and support to clients on supply chains, logistics, warehousing and technology. He is also the host of the "Logistics of Logistics" podcast.

32. Eric Martin

Twitter: @EMPosts


Martin is a well-known reporter and editor. He currently leads Bloomberg News' global coverage of the IMF and World Bank, including their responses to the COVID-19 crisis, as well as trade policy of the Biden administration.

33. Christopher Mims

Twitter: @mims


Mims is a science and technology journalist for The Wall Street Journal. He has previously written for publications such as Quartz, Scientific American, Smithsonian Magazine, and Grist. He also works as a contributing editor at the MIT Technology Review.

34. Rob O’Byrne

Twitter: @LogisticsBureau


O'Byrne is an industry vet who is the Founder and CEO of Logistics Bureau—a long-standing supply chain consultancy designed to improve a company's overall performance.

35. Boris Panov

Twitter: @BorisPanov15


Panov, a transportation and logistics load coordinator, adds a much-needed element of humor and levity to an often stressful and complex industry through his engaging memes and other bite-sized content.

36. Ryan Petersen

Twitter: @typesfast


Petersen is founder and CEO of Flexport. Prior to founding Flexport, he helped run an e-commerce company and co-founded ImportGenius, one of the largest providers of business intelligence to the import-export industry.

37. Adam Posen

Twitter: @AdamPosen


Posen holds a PhD in Political Economics and Government from Harvard University. He is currently the President of the Peterson Institute for International Economics.

38. Rachel Premack

Twitter: @rrpre


Premack is the Editorial Director at FreightWaves and writes the MODE newsletter on the technological and economic impacts in transportation and supply chains. Previously, she was a senior features reporter at Business Insider where she created the trucking beat.

39. Tom Raftery

Twitter: @TomRaftery


Raftery is a Global VP, Futurist & Innovation Evangelist at SAP. In addition to his duties there, he also serves as an international speaker, podcast host, and author on all supply chain matters.

40. Cathy Roberson

Twitter: @cmroberson06


Early in her career, Roberson worked as an analyst for both an e-commerce start-up and the UPS supply chain. She now manages the logistics-focused market research firm, Logistics Trends & Insights, LLC.

41. Chris Rogers

Twitter: @chrisghrogers


Rogers is Flexport's Principal Supply Chain Economist. He's a widely-published economist whose in-depth and event-driven research and analysis covers international trade policy, the global logistics industry, and industrial supply chains.

42. Chris Rogers


Chris Rogers is the Vice President of Talent Acquisition & Employee Development at SEL Supply Chain Solutions—a resource-based logistics firm supporting independent U.S. freight agents.

43. Yossi Sheffi

Twitter: @YossiSheffi


Dr. Sheffi is the Director of the Center for Transportation and Logistics and Elisha Gray II Professor of Engineering Systems at MIT. He is also the author of 6 books, numerous peer-reviewed papers, and is the founder or co-founder of 5 companies.

44. Ian Shepherdson

Twitter: @IanShepherdson


As Founder and Chief Economist at Pantheon Macroeconomics, Ian provides investor-focused macroeconomic research and insights for institutions around the world. He also won the Wall Street Journal's U.S. economic forecaster of the year in both 2003 and 2014.

45. A.J. Smith

Twitter: @ThatAjSmith


Smith serves as the Founder & CEO of TradeWindow—a consultancy that provides compliant trade solutions and security to multinational organizations.

46. Jennifer Smith

Twitter: @JenSmithNYC


Prior to her role as a journalist at Greentarget, Smith worked at the Wall Street Journal in a similar position. In both roles, she covered multiple topics ranging from supply chain and logistics to cultural institutions and the law.

47. Daniel Stanton

Twitter: @Mr_Supply_Chain


CEO and Chief Learning Officer at Mr. Supply Chain, Stanton is also the author of the bestselling book, "Supply Chain Management for Dummies."

48. Nathan Strang

Twitter: @NavyStrang


Strang is the Director of Ocean Trade Management at Flexport. As an ocean and intermodal operations expert, he distills complex market trends into actionable insights for Flexport’s internal teams and clients.

49. Peter Sundara


As Head of Global Ocean Product at Visy and former VP of Global Freight Management at Li & Fung Logistics, Sundara strives to pioneer ways in which companies can shift, disrupt, and inevitably alter the supply chain industry as we know it.

50. Peter Tirschwell

Twitter: @PeterTirschwell


Mr. Tirschwell is revered for his role as VP for Maritime & Trade at S&P Global. Aside from his duties there, he also presides as the founder and chairman of the annual TPM Conference.

51. Jim Tompkins

Twitter: @jimtompkins


With 40 years of experience as the CEO of Tompkins International, Jim is a pro at helping companies design and implement end-to-end supply chains. In 2020, Mr. Tompkins founded Tompkins Ventures to help executives navigate pressing logistics questions in today's market.

52. Michael William Vincent

Twitter: @VincentTheDude


As the co-host of the "What The Truck?!?" podcast, Vincent explores and uncovers industry-related topics including trucking issues, current supply chain models, and more.

53. Rick Watson

Twitter: @rickwatson


After 20+ years as a tech and eCommerce entrepreneur for and Pitney Bowes, Rick Watson founded RMW Commerce Consulting, LLC to support investors and management in growing direct-to-consumer businesses.

54. Richard Wilding, OBE

Twitter: @SupplyChainProf


Richard Wilding, OBE is a published author and professor of Supply Chain Strategy at the Cranfield School of Management U.K. As an internationally recognized leader in his field, he consults with companies on supply chain projects and logistics.

55. Justin Wolfers

Twitter: @JustinWolfers


Mr. Wolfers is a professor of economics & public policy at the University of Michigan. He also serves as a senior fellow at the Brookings Institute, a contributing writer at the New York Times, and hosts the "Think Like an Economist" podcast.

You Asked, We Answered: Here's 17 More Influencers to Follow On Social

56. Tracy Alloway

Twitter: @tracyalloway


Working at Bloomberg, Alloway shapes and steers ground-breaking news coverage from Asia. On top of that, she also serves as the Co-host of the weekly markets podcast, "Odd Lots" and is an anchor on Bloomberg TV.

57. Blythe Brumleve

Twitter: @blythebrum


Blythe is the proud Founder of Digital Dispatch—a marketing company for logistics and freight businesses. On the side, she educates on all things B2B, economics, and global trade via her "Cyberly" podcast.

58. Lucian Cernat

Twitter: @Lucian_Cernat


Lucian presides as the Head of Global Regulatory Cooperation and International Procurement Negotiations in DG TRADE. Previously, he worked on trade and development issues for the United Nations in Geneva and has authored more than 20 industry-related publications.

59. Sam Chambers

Twitter: @SamChambers


Sam Chambers is a supply chain pro serving as the Editorial Director at Asia Shipping Media Pte Ltd. In addition, he has also appeared in sources like The Economist and The New York Times.

60. Lena Göthberg

Twitter: @LenaGothberg


Offering more than 25 years of maritime logistics experience, Lena spreads the word via her successful podcast, Shipping Podcast, where she looks to educate and pioneer change in the industry.

61. Dr. Anna Jerzewska

Twitter: @AnnaJerzewska


Dr. Jerzewska is the proud founder of Trade & Borders, a consultancy offering advice and training on customs, international trade, and Brexit to a wide range of clients.

62. Sal Mercogliano

Twitter: @mercoglianos


Experienced as a professor in polysci, maritime operations, and history, Sal educates on all aspects of the shipping industry. Beyond the classroom, he also spreads his knowledge through his, "What's Going on With Shipping" podcast.

63. Jason Miller


Jason Miller is the Associate Professor of Logistics and the John D. and Dortha J. Withrow Endowed Emerging Scholar at Michigan State University's Eli Broad College of Business. As an educator, he's passionate about helping practitioners and students better understand industry trends through data.

64. J. Mintzmyer

Twitter: @mintzmyer


Serving as the Founder of Value Investor's Edge, Mintzmyer delivers thorough shipping research and information. He is currently a PhD Candidate (IR) at the Harvard Kennedy School.

65. Lisa Morales-Hellebo

Twitter: @lisahellebo


Serving as the Co-Founder of REFASHIONED Ventures, Lisa is a seasoned supply chain innovator and entrepreneur. On top of this, she has received numerous honors and awards including, the 202 1 Top 100 Women in Supply Chain and the 2020 Top Executives in Supply Chain Innovation & Leadership.

66. Radu Palamariu


Radu has years of experience as an international business manager helping global companies yield better results. He currently serves as the Managing Director, Europe & Asia Pacific at Alcott Global.

67. Peter Sand


Sand is the present Chief Analyst at Xeneta where he offers next-level intel on global supply chain. Aside from this, Peter is a regular speaking on news outlets including CNN, BBC, and CNBC.

68. Mike Schuler

Twitter: @MikeSchuler


As Senior Editor and Partner at, Mike has a boatload of experience dealing with and analyzing maritime industry news for professional audiences worldwide.

69. Nate Skiver


With over a decade of experience helping businesses devise profitable shipping strategies, Skiver founded Level Playing Field, where he helps companies improve their shipping logistics.

70. Chris Vonheim

Twitter: @ChrisVonheim


Vonheim is a seasoned entrepreneur focused on ocean industries, investing, and startups. He also serves as the host behind the business show, “Vonheim.”

71. Joe Weisenthal

Twitter: @TheStalwart


With years of industry knowledge under his belt, Joe educates wider audiences as the Executive Editor of news and Co-host of the "What'd You Miss?" podcast at Bloomberg.

72. Greg White

Twitter: @gregoryswhite


Greg White is principal and host at Supply Chain Now where he interviews industry leaders, hosts weekly Livestreams, and is the creator, executive producer & host of the TECHquila Sunrise vlog and podcast. He is also a founder, investor, and advisor of B2B tech startups.

(For Twitter influencers, we created a handy list so you can view and follow multiple accounts quickly, in one place.)

Please Note: This is not a ranking. We have arranged our list alphabetically (by last name). If you think we missed someone please let us know by emailing us at or tweet at us (tag @Flexport in your post).

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