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 Flexport has stopped accepting Trans-Siberian rail bookings between China and Europe

February 25, 2022

Flexport Halts Trans-Siberian Rail Bookings. Goods En Route Still Moving


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In response to the events in Ukraine, Flexport Founder and CEO Ryan Petersen announced this morning that Flexport has stopped accepting Trans-Siberian rail bookings between China and Europe.

Ryan shared this on LinkedIn today:

“Flexport has ceased accepting bookings on our China to Europe Trans-Siberian railroad service effective immediately. All containers en route will be delivered. As of now the railroad is functioning normally, but customers with containers currently on the rail will be notified immediately if that changes.

"We thank our many customers who used this service over the years as a cheaper alternative to air freight and a faster alternative to ocean freight. Those customers will be presented with both of those options going forward.”

Trans-Siberian rail freight routes out of Asia pass through Russia and converge at the border of Belarus and Poland, before entering Central and Western Europe.

As the situation develops, Flexport will notify customers of any disruption to the movement of goods already en route.

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