Nov. 10, 2020

Flexport Salutes Veterans Inside and Outside the Company

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Veterans Day is about honoring the commitment of those who serve in the military and make huge sacrifices to protect the country and uphold its freedoms. Originally known as Armistice Day, it was named a holiday by President Woodrow Wilson on November 11, 1919—a date that marked the end of the first world war.

For those who serve in the military, the skills obtained while in service—both technical and nontechnical—are an asset to any growing workforce. From acute focus to the ability to maintain nerves of steel even as conditions change—all while requiring fast action—veterans are a unique breed. Their experience spans operations, leadership, global affairs, security, logistics and working with diverse people in cross-functional ways. Flexport not only recognizes this, it is committed to supporting veterans seeking employment as they return to civilian lives. In fact, the company is making significant investments in onboarding and training incoming veterans to ensure transitions are successful.

With that, a newly launched program, Military Hiring Pipeline, aims to recruit veterans for various roles in the operations side of Flexport’s business. Profiled below are a few Flexport veterans, affectionately known as FlexVets.

Name: Alex Cortez

Role at Flexport: Supply Chain Operations Associate - Network Operations

Role in the Military: US Marine Corps Sergeant - Telecommunications Non-Commissioned Officer, 1st Marine Regiment

“During my time in service, the Marine Corps instilled leadership values and skills that I now use on a day-to-day basis at Flexport. Being used to high-stress and complex situations, I love the challenge that comes with things changing quickly and urgently. It serves me well when I’m working with clients and making sure their shipments go from port to destination as fast and smoothly as possible.”

Name: Kara Shapiro

Role at Flexport: Director, Client Solutions

Role in the Military: US Navy Surface Warfare Officer, four years active duty and three years reserve

“On Navy ships, we developed detailed operational plans for our missions, but we often had to adapt to changing conditions in real time. Similarly, at Flexport, our teams need to be ready to adapt to the shifting needs of our customers—for instance, working quickly to revise a shipment mode to meet a client’s target date.

"As a naval officer, I learned that success in a rapidly changing environment depends on tight collaboration with different organizations. It’s the same at Flexport. I focus on aligning objectives and processes across multiple teams. Client Solutions, Procurement and Fulfillment, Customs, and Supply Chain Operations must all work in rhythm to move a customer’s shipment from origin to destination. We collaborate to ensure our clients can optimize their supply chain processes.”

Name: Dave Roisen

Role at Flexport: Lead Finance Systems Architect

Role in the Military: Infantry and Finance Officer, US Army

“The Army provided me with formal education and training in accounting and management information systems, which I use every day. More importantly, in the Army you learn that teamwork is a must-have for building and improving complex, cross-functional systems. This experience informs my work with other Flexport employees to continue improving processes for our clients.”

To learn more about Flexport’s work culture, visit our Careers webpage.

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