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Scale Up Your Business With Flexible Logistics Funding
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September 14, 2022

Scale Up Your Business With Flexible Logistics Funding

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Flexport Editorial Team

September 14, 2022

The past couple of years have been anything but predictable with fluctuating market demands, supply chain disruptions, and global economic uncertainties. While brands seek new growth opportunities they’ve had to grapple with stockouts, delays, demand fluctuation and cash flow challenges.

As consumer trends shift yet again, accessing capital to stay ahead of demand curves is harder than ever. So how are brands like Caraway, Parade, and Solé Bicycles still thriving? They’re taking advantage of Flexport’s trade finance solutions to help them achieve remarkable results, including 900% growth, 10% fewer stockouts, and huge savings on landed costs.

Flexport Capital’s unsecured, non-dilutive trade financing can help you leverage the cash you need for the big plans you have, from industry experts that really know your business.

Accelerate Growth: Small-to-Medium Businesses

It’s been quite the year for fast-growing small and medium brands and things are still looking rocky and unpredictable. It’s essential for smaller businesses to preserve their optionality and flexibility by not getting caught up in paying for supplies, inventory, and logistics. Cover your supply chain costs with trade financing from industry experts, so you can focus your time and money on innovation and building your business. Here are some key ways Flexport Capital can help accelerate your business growth.

  • Maintain ownership and equity with non-dilutive funds.
  • Spend your money how you see fit with unsecured funds.
  • Gain end-to-end data visibility to improve inventory challenges, demand forecasting, and more.
  • Receive up to 80% of your Commercial Invoice while banks typically finance goods that have been delivered—and only advance 50%.
  • Experience flexible, negotiable payment terms with suppliers, providers, retailers, and other partners to suit your needs.
  • Free up cash and inject it into growth initiatives.

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Scale Your Business to the Next Level: Enterprise Businesses

Flexport Capital also works with larger, established brands to help them leverage working capital, whether they need it to finance the next order, expand their brick-and-mortar presence, proceed with an M&A transaction, or fund research and development programs for their next big launch. Here are some key ways Flexport Capital can help accelerate your business growth.

  • Sustain a healthy cash flow and protect existing liquidity with a loan against inventory in motion.
  • Build resilience and accelerate expansion—without losing ownership—with non-dilutive working capital.
  • Capture opportunities faster with a streamlined underwriting process, lower shipping rates, and flexible payment structures.
  • Access working capital to help you get ahead of demand, and fund innovation and expansion.
  • Utilize flexible credit lines that allow you to quickly pivot when market signals change.
  • Find ways to finance the cost of goods to redirect working capital where your business needs it.

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Funding Designed for Modern Supply Chains

In 2022, most businesses are looking for new ways to align inventory and cash flow around constantly evolving demand curves. When you consider general inventory overages, the time spent waiting to receive payments for sales can create serious gaps in your working capital. You’re probably also paying increased warehousing costs on top of shipping and duties for orders of your SKUs that are selling (and many that aren’t).
In today’s supply chain environment, such variable costs can quickly turn into volatile costs. There has been some relief in recent months from a long stretch of exorbitant logistics rates, but they’re still tied to complex factors and market conditions like factory closures, unpredictable lockdowns, labor union negotiations and strikes, and new pandemic outbreaks. All while warehousing costs stack up and port congestion keeps you scanning the horizon for your high-priority SKUs. Additional working capital closes these gaps and empowers you to build resilience while continuing to expand your business.

With Flexport Capital, you can accelerate expansion by funding purchase orders for higher volumes of popular SKUs or by launching new products into large retailer networks. Minimize the impact of global trade disruptions by ensuring suppliers are paid to release goods on time. Extend your cash runway by pushing out the timing of logistics costs, including freight and duties. For lower landed costs, use capital to negotiate supplier discounts in return for early payments or to improve container utilization with more goods.

Even enterprise companies that are in a healthy cash flow position can benefit from rates that are usually far more flexible and favorable than banks. Flexport Capital can supplement traditional loans and protect existing liquidity.

Manage it all in the Flexport Platform, where you can track shipments, monitor freight spend, and draw from your funding, all in a few clicks.

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Stay Ahead of the Curve with Custom Funding From Industry Experts

Flexport Capital helps you access the cash to capitalize on opportunity fast—regardless of the size of your business. Cover your unique supply chain costs with trade financing from industry experts, so you can invest everything you’ve got in growth. Plus, the Flexport Platform unlocks insights to help define what you need with access to key data insights. You get structured logistics data to clarify landed costs, freight spend by unit, and other key metrics to help propel your business to the next level.
With a simplified application and two-week turnaround on decisions, you can have your financing in place even before the trucks roll. Plan your next product launch. Hire additional talent. Now your working capital can work a little harder.

Contact us to learn more or to request a call from one of our in-house financing experts.

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This is Flexport's mark (alternative). It's the Flexport mark with white.
Flexport Editorial Team

September 14, 2022

Key Takeaways


Invest in your next phase of growth with unsecured, non-dilutive funding.


Get fast access to cash with flexible terms and a partner who understands your supply chain.


A period like this can be ripe with opportunities if you have the cash flow to keep up with additional costs.

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