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Winds of Change Usher in New Ways to Manage Cargo Shipping and Supply Chains

September 18, 2020

Winds of Change Usher in New Ways to Manage Cargo Shipping and Supply Chains


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Last week, anyone involved in container shipping—on any side of the equation—was likely surprised by at least two developments: Chinese officials getting involved in pricing and capacity for freight shipping from China; and the British government walking back earlier-agreed upon terms of Brexit. For businesses trying to build some kind of momentum coming out of the pandemic, it becomes even more challenging trying to make sense of rapidly changing news impacting an already muddled landscape.

To help unpack some of that complexity—and other trending issues in global trade—Flexport is hosting its second annual conference, FORWARD20. Taking place virtually, October 14, the event is designed to tackle the industry’s thorniest issues, identify emerging solutions, and share insights to turn chaos into opportunity.

A New Reality for Cargo Shipping

Logistics Managers and business leaders alike are now grappling with different realities such as new sourcing patterns, extremely tight capacity in tandem with volatile pricing, and shifting geopolitical pressures. Mixed with a pandemic and climate concerns that are also impacting suppliers, the stage has been set for an environment in which speed and agility will be the keys to survival.

Leaders from Flexport and BCG will frame the world as it is now and where it’s heading. In the process, they’ll spotlight how to ensure the winds of change are at your back. Businesses large and small will get a boots-on-the-ground perspective—one that sheds light on how to find greater efficiencies between ocean, air, and land through an integrated supply chain. And, experts in regional air and ocean trends will share their insights around supply, demand, and changing dynamics in Europe and Asia.

The agenda is designed to offer a range of experiences from provocative insights by thought leaders to hands-on practical approaches. Those attending FORWARD20 will learn about key themes impacting cargo shipping, including:

  • How to strategize around transport options when capacity is being squeezed from either end, or port congestion starts to rise;
  • How to achieve end-to-end visibility with technology;
  • How to think about the latest shipping trends and flip them to your advantage

To learn more about the event, or to register, visit the FORWARD20 by Flexport web page.

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