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A co-loader consolidates LCL shipments.

Types of Air Service

Air cargo can be shipped via express, standard, or deferred service. The urgency of your shipment will likely determine which air service you will...

Should I Ship by Air or LCL?

If you're not sure whether you should move your shipment via air or LCL, consider how fast you need your cargo to reach its destination, and how...

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Flexport's LCL Service

Flexport offers global LCL coverage. Additionally, we offer our own in-house consolidations via the Flexport LCL service, currently available on more than 300 lanes (and expanding to new destinations every day):

Destination: Mainland United States

Flexport's LCL service is available for all mainland U.S. destinations from the following origin ports. Note: For many destinations, we offer an expedited service option.

10-day service from Shanghai to Los Angeles!

If you move LCL from Shanghai to Los Angeles, ask your Flexport team about our Matson service. Matson is a premium carrier that offers 10-day guaranteed port-to-port transit time -- 5-7 days shorter than competing services on this lane.

Destination: North Europe

If you're shipping LCL to Felixstowe, Hamburg, or Rotterdam:

Destination: Canada

If you're shipping LCL to Montreal, Canada:

Carbon-Neutral LCL

As of June 1, 2018, Flexport’s LCL Service is 100% carbon-neutral. Through a carbon-neutral LCL Service, Flexport estimates to offset over 8,000 metric tons of CO2 in the program’s first year.

Now when booking an LCL shipment serviced by Flexport, will offset the emissions for an entire shipment’s journey end-to-end. These credits will directly fund emissions mitigation projects through our non-profit partner: Foundation. These projects will aid in the reforestation and socio-environmental stability in South America, as well as international and domestic clean energy projects.

By selecting an LCL quote that is serviced by the Flexport LCL Service, you can take advantage of free offset credits. If your business is interested in offsetting the carbon footprint for all shipments, you can enroll in’s Carbon Offset Program.

Read more about shipping FCL vs. LCL -- and the benefits of Flexport's LCL service -- here!