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Track Shipments. Stay in Stock. Unlock Growth.

For companies scaling rapidly, nonstop demand is just the start. No more backorders or waitlists. Keep your shelves stocked and customers happy with end-to-end supply chain tracking and agility.


Beyond Peak Season – Tips for Navigating Ongoing Uncertainty

When it comes to planning for peak season 2022, most brands aren't really prepared for any unexpected challenges that the future may hold. Get this timely e-guide to help you navigate any unforeseen delays and challenges in the months ahead.

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Unlock Every Opportunity

Daily Flights to Keep Top SKUs in Stock

Ship priority SKUs faster, more reliably and at lower cost. With Flexport Air, you get more predictability, flexibility and delivery speed for your high-demand goods. Book a dedicated charter for your cargo and avoid turbulence and stockouts. With stable capacity and robust planning tools, Flexport takes you from order to uplift in no time.

Scale Your Business, Not Your Overheads

Extend your logistics team with ours. Our team handles the shipping so you can focus on growing. Flexport clients get on-demand access to our seasoned experts in freight, operations, customs, compliance and global trade. We help you run a lean operation, streamline workflows, and make data-driven decisions, all on a single platform.

Course Correct Anytime & Never Run Out

Take back control of your inventory with Flexport. No more stockouts and faster delivery times. When demand shifts or disruptions arise, real-time alerts help make timely decisions that shave weeks off delivery times. Course correct, alongside your Flexport team, to rebook or resolve, and reduce delays further down the supply chain.

  • Flexport has been really helpful in identifying creative ways for us to navigate the supply chain delays we're experiencing. International freight is very complex and fraught with problems, and Flexport has been a huge help to us.

    Shreya Maddireddy

    Head of Logistics and Customer Experience, Parade

    Headshot Shreya Maddireddy Parade


Streamline Your Supply Chain With End-to-End Tracking

Order goods, ship anywhere, and track it all, end-to-end, from one centralized platform. Flexport’s platform serves as your communication hub and reporting and analytics tool. Carrier and other integrations deliver your third-party shipment data with humans in the loop. The result is milestone accuracy, validated by Flexport for a more predictable supply chain.

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Cashflow to Supercharge Your Growth

Get the funding you need to capitalize on opportunities. Cover supply chain costs with trade financing, so you can invest everything you’ve got in growth. With a simple application process, fast turnaround, and low upfront costs–you can expand your inventory, plan your next product launch, and capitalize on every opportunity that comes your way.

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  • We realized pretty quickly that traditional banks weren’t really an option because our business was so young and moving so fast. Working with Flexport Capital, we secured the funds needed to move production facilities within a week and a half.

    Sean Panton

    Co-Founder & COO

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  • For a growing company, I can’t stress how important it is to launch products quickly and without delays. Working with Flexport as our freight forwarder has been so instrumental in helping us do just that.

    Andrew Heath

    Co-Founder & COO


Inspiration & Ideas


Supply Chain Snapshots - News & Trends You Should Read This Week


Supply Chain Snapshots - News & Trends You Should Read This Week


Supply Chain Snapshots - News & Trends You Should Read This Week


Make a Positive Change.
Go Carbon Neutral.

Hit your impact goals by going carbon neutral. See your progress and take action in the Flexport Impact Dashboard. One view calculates your carbon emissions across all shipments and summarizes your impact by category. can help you find the optimal mix of transport modes to maintain schedule integrity and reduce emissions affordably.



Enjoy the View. Expand Your Reach.

The Flexport Platform is built for growth. Bring on new suppliers, ship to new markets, work with new warehouses, and launch your latest innovations. With your entire supply chain visible at once, scaling up is simple.

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  • Having everything accurate and at my fingertips allows me to work better with finance, demand planning and our warehouse team.

    Jim Guenza

    Logistics Manager, Klean Kanteen



Air Purifier Brand Molekule Filters Out Inefficiency with Flexport Air Freight


Time saved on logistics planning


Of hot shipments delivered on time or early


Of quotes turned around in 24 hours or less