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You Fill the Container.
We Fill In the Rest.

With Flexport, all the ocean freight boxes are checked. Container location and contents, milestones and exceptions. It's all in the Flexport Platform for higher levels of reliability and available ocean space.


Global Ocean Network

A Carrier Network as Vast as the Ocean

At Flexport, transparency makes it easier to share info with carriers. The results are faster access to available space, sailings, and ways for you to find the ideal blend of cost and transit time.


Predictability for Smoother Sailings

Forecast with more precision and accuracy. Industry leading carrier integrations mean Flexport can provide faster pricing turnarounds, quicker Shipping Order (SO) releases, and predictive transit times.

Service Offerings

More Service Levels for More Control

Strike the balance between speed and cost that’s right for your business. Choose from six ocean freight options, including guaranteed services, to dial into a decision based on your inventory needs.

  • For us, the biggest difference has been the real-time visibility into all of our shipments by our whole team. The data is more accurate, more accessible, and therefore more helpful.

    David Boersma
    CEO, Avera Home Goods LLC

  • We've saved money and improved our relationships with suppliers and 3PLs as a result of the transparency we receive from the Flexport portal.

    Jeremy Weinman
    Logistics Director, Caddis

Manage Your Supply Chain End to End



Start Upstream with Order Management

Activate collaboration with your suppliers. With Flexport Order Management, you can submit orders, manage quantities, and discuss cargo ready dates. Keep every PO in sight from order to final mile.


Start Upstream with Order Management

Activate collaboration with your suppliers. With Flexport Order Management, you can submit orders, manage quantities, and discuss cargo ready dates. Keep every PO in sight from order to final mile.


Reserve Ocean Freight Without the Emails

Configure rules and suppliers can submit ocean bookings right in the Flexport Platform. Submit container size, incoterms, PO numbers, and any container add-ons, like premium discharge or no roll. A unified view helps you and suppliers stay aligned.


Sell Goods While They’re Still at Sea

Track everything for total inventory control. Know where containers are at all times. Search for POs or SKUs on the water and sell what’s still in transit to keep your supply chain going strong.


Get Shipments Cleared Before They Hit Shore

Flexport customs brokers stay ahead of the game by filing ISFs for you and managing any exceptions with built-in escalation plans. Your shipments are cleared before the vessel even arrives in port.


On Time Deliveries with the Flexport Platform

Trucking carriers track your containers’ last free day and schedule and confirm appointments. Your warehouse is ready to receive because they see when POs and SKUs will arrive.


Leagues of Data, Packaged for You

Supply chains throw off oceans of data. With searchable, shareable reporting, you can use all of it. Manage CRD delays. Prioritize containers confirmed to sail. Prepare your entire supply chain for any scenario.


A Deep Dive Your Whole Team Can Take

Your team can forecast and plan ocean freight shipments precisely with transit time data by lane. Make routing decisions and track supplier KPIs. Replace unfathomable questions with insights everyone understands.

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Ready to Get Started?

Talk to a supply chain solutions expert and see the Flexport Platform in action.

Frequently Asked Questions

Absolutely. Flexport provides end to end coverage, globally. In areas where we do not have our own offices, we have aligned with strategic partners to provide our clients with best in class local operations. Each strategic partner is held to the same strict standards of compliance and service to which we hold ourselves.

The Flexport Platform is designed to streamline booking submission between you and your supplier. If your supplier chooses not to use the Platform to submit and manage bookings, Flexport is able to accept bookings via email.

Once Flexport is able to confirm the lanes and estimated volume, implementation can take around four to six weeks before we begin to move your ocean shipments.

EDI, API, JSON, XML, CSV, and other delimited files. Flexport’s Professional Services team also works with customers to build custom integrations.

No, there is no minimum number of bookings. However, pricing depends on the lane and volume you’d like to move. Please reach out to our Sales team to discuss further.

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