Cargo insurance

International shipping can be unpredictable. Flexport cargo insurance gives you the peace of mind to know your company is protected from the things outside your control at any point in your cargo’s journey.

Cargo insurance

Comprehensive coverage

Flexport’s cargo insurance covers your goods from warehouse to warehouse, so the full journey is protected. Our all-risk policies cover a wide range of events.

Favorable rates

Flexport's cargo insurance rates compare favorably against other offerings. We don't believe price should deter you from insuring your goods.

Convenient claim processing

While sometimes cargo damage is unavoidable, hassles when handling claims don’t have to be. Flexport submits claims on your behalf, and ensures quick turnaround times for resolution.

110% covered, on every shipment

At Flexport, we understand the impact lost or damaged cargo can have on your business. That’s why Flexport cargo insurance covers the full value of your commercial invoice, all freight and duties charges, and an additional 10% for unforeseen costs.

110% covered, on every shipment

Layered coverage to isolate incidents

For those with general insurance policies, Flexport cargo insurance provides an additional layer of protection for your company. Filing claims through general insurance can result in costly premium increases that will affect long term supply chain costs. With Flexport, cargo insurance claims are isolated to each individual shipment, helping to keep your general policy premiums affordable and unaffected by singular incidents.

Layered coverage to isolate incidents

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