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Flexport-org Impact Dashboard blog 10-16-20

October 19, 2020

Bringing Sustainability Efforts to the Forefront of the Supply Chain


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According to a 2020 McKinsey study, more than 80% of C-suite and investment leaders expect environmental, social, and governance programs (ESG) will add more shareholder value in five years than today. During a time when many challenges have dotted the 2020 landscape, it turns out that ESG programs can create a competitive advantage. To support businesses in this effort, Flexport is launching a groundbreaking dashboard that lets companies track their sustainability efforts—and participate in new social and environmental programs—from one central hub.

ESGs, also known as corporate social responsibility (CSR), sustainability, impact and more, can be difficult to manage. They can also be challenging programs to build. Where do you start? How can you share your impact back with stakeholders? How can you drive impact with logistics?

An Interface for Sustainability and Logistics Leaders Alike

Dubbed the Impact Dashboard, the initiative was developed by Flexport.org, Flexport’s dedicated impact team, to help supply chain and logistics teams quickly assess and manage sustainability programs all in one place.

Users can take advantage of widgets customized for their participation level and easily assess activity across environmental and social services. And with that, they’re able to enroll and participate in our carbon offset program—as well as analyze shipment emissions through third-party providers, initiate product donations, and run reports on social-minded shipments for good.

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Maximize Social Impact with Built-In Tools

By making the Impact Dashboard easily accessible within the Flexport Platform, supply chain and logistics users can manage their sustainability efforts efficiently and effectively.

Interactive tools and widgets allow users to:

  • Summarize the impact of carbon offset programs, as well as Flexport’s free offset contributions from LCL and OceanMatch
  • Calculate emissions from third-party shipments for free, including parcel shipments or moves with other providers, all backed by our accredited carbon calculator
  • Request a nonprofit match for a product donation, helping put excess inventory to good use
  • Track shipments for good, including product donations to nonprofits, disaster relief efforts, and shipments enabled by the Flexport.org Fund

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With these tools, businesses can share and amplify impact with consumers, increasing accountability and reinforcing brand trust and integrity. In addition, built-in sustainability tools and data help supply chain users build strong business cases to further support driving change within the organizations and communities they serve.

Looking ahead, the Impact Dashboard will also serve as the staging site where new Flexport.org programs are rolled out, based on customer feedback and emerging community needs.

Flexport customers can access the Impact Dashboard within the digital platform today by navigating to Insights > Flexport.org. For those not yet on the Flexport Platform, contact the Flexport team to learn more about how to transform shipments into social and environmental efforts for good.

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