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Help Center

My Flexport Account

Frequently asked questions about your Flexport account: how to use the app, pay invoices, assign user roles, send messages, and access powerful reporting tools.


How Can I Add a Bank Account for ACH?

Detailed instructions describing how to add bank information to your Flexport account.

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How Can I Bulk-Upload Locations to My Network?

Upload several contacts and locations to your Flexport network at one time, using this spreadsheet.

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How Do I Add Shipment Tags to a Shipment?

Shipment tags allows you to attach your own reference information on a shipment (e.g. a PO number or batch number) to improve searching, filtering, and reporting.

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What Does an IRS Notice Look Like?

An IRS Notice is the official IRS letter with your Taxpayer Identification Number or Employer Identification Number (EIN).

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Which Browsers Can I Use to Access the Flexport App?

The Flexport app supports Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and Microsoft Edge.

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Why Does Flexport Require a Copy of the IRS Notice During Account Setup?

The IRS Notice is used to verify your EIN.

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Why Does Flexport Require a Photo ID During the Account Setup Process?

Flexport requires a government-issued photo ID in order to meet Customs regulations, and to protect your identity.

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