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Easier Day to Day.
Amazing Year over Year.

For companies scaling rapidly, nonstop demand is just the start. Run your supply chain end to end in the Flexport Platform with all the tools and support you need.


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Faster Workflows with Real Time Intel

When every second counts, it helps to see your supply chain in one place. You can order goods, ship anywhere, and track it all from your dashboard. In the Flexport Platform, most tasks are done in minutes.

Data Driven Insights Everyone Can Find

Supply chain is a group effort. Now, everyone on your team can answer their own questions, run and automate customized reports, and build their own models.

The Capacity to Grow

Launch products from the Flexport Platform with end-to-end supply chain control. As you grow, Flexport’s reliable global logistics network and fast financing options bring new markets within reach.



The Right Mode at the Right Time

When demand shifts, adjust your modal mix with ease. Air cargo lands in days, not weeks, with predictable transit times. LCL can restock your top SKUs weekly with no minimum volumes—and, at Flexport, it’s carbon neutral.

  • We have a well-managed and attentive account team. Platform visibility and milestones are key and Flexport does a great job of tracking each one for real-time decision making.

    Head of Operations

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Enjoy the View. Expand Your Reach.

The Flexport Platform is built for growth. Bring on new suppliers, ship to new markets, work with new warehouses, and launch your latest innovations. With your entire supply chain visible at once, scaling up is simple.

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Unlock Every Opportunity

As you grow and gain data, learn what helps your company excel. Use fresh insights to win new customers and expand sales channels. If you use ERPs, all your intel is portable.

case study

Launch and Lift: Cloud Paper’s Rapid Ascent in Trying Times

When a global pandemic flipped Cloud Paper’s business from corporate to consumer, the mission-driven start-up refocused to meet the burst in demand.


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