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October 1, 2019

Flexport Announces New Fund to Help Nonprofits and Communities in Need


Susy Schöneberg

VP of Impact and General Manager, Flexport.org


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This past week, Flexport’s first user conference, FORWARD 19, drew more than 300 people to learn how to move beyond the status quo in freight forwarding and supply chain management to achieve greater efficiencies and transparency. But another very important area of focus also got attention: environmental concerns and social responsibility. Touched on throughout the conference in various sessions including during Flexport CEO Ryan Petersen’s keynote, during a presentation on innovations to enable easier and more sustainable supply chain management workflows, and during a panel discussion on IMO 2020, the topics were delved into more deeply on Friday, during a session entitled Matching Business Needs to Sustainability and Social Responsibility. And, at the session, Flexport offered actionable ways to reduce impact on the environment and to participate in humanitarian aid.

Flexport CEO Ryan Petersen noted that Flexport has six audiences to create value for: clients, employees, vendors, regulators, investors, and our communities. Within this framework, Flexport.org helps clients make logistics a force for social and environmental impact; gives employees a chance to contribute to issues they’re passionate about; and ensures Flexport follows responsible businesses practices that consider the long-term impact on communities and the world at large. This is important not just from a corporate standpoint, but from a humanitarian standpoint.


At the United Nations Climate Summit Action 2019, which overlapped with FORWARD 19, 65 countries, along with major economies such as California, vowed to cut greenhouse gas emissions to net zero by 2050. At the same time, 70 countries announced a renewed commitment to take action to improve environmental stewardship. In the business sector, more than 100 leaders announced firm action plans to meet Paris Agreement targets and accelerate the move from a grey to green economy.

Meanwhile, since the inception of Flexport.org in 2017, the company has offset 33,500 tonnes of CO2 with our partner Carbonfund.org Foundation. To put that in context, that’s the same amount of emissions that would be released by driving a passenger car around the equator 3,300 times. It’s a start, but it’s not enough.

That’s why for all businesses attending FORWARD, Flexport announced it will pay for 50% of their carbon offset costs for Flexport shipments throughout 2020 if they enroll—or are already participating. Fighting against climate change is a partnership, and we want to involve Flexport users around the world. The first to enroll in this program during the conference were two panelists from the Matching Business Needs to Sustainability and Social Responsibility session: Medshare, a humanitarian aid organization that sources and delivers medical supplies and equipment to communities in need, and Cotopaxi, an outdoor gear company that invests 1% of its profits in programs to address poverty and community development.


Climate change is often responsible for catastrophic weather events, like wildfires, hurricanes, droughts, and flooding. And, as a result, aid organizations that are chronically underfunded experience even more strain with their resources. Acute crises, no matter if they’re climate related or not, require immediate action. In response, we’re launching the Flexport.org Fund, so that those in need get supplies and services needed in a timely manner.

The Fund gives individuals and companies an opportunity to make a difference by donating to humanitarian aid organizations and covering a critical piece of the aid delivery process: All donations to the Fund are tax-deductible and pay for shipments intended for disaster relief, economic development, product donations from Flexport clients, and nonprofit logistics costs. With this Fund, businesses can contribute to ship goods right when they’re needed, even if the goods are unrelated to their product lines.

Three ways to help

Small steps matter and we encourage businesses and individuals to participate in making a difference. Email org@flexport.com and join us to:

Ship carbon neutral by enrolling in our offset program.

Donate products to our nonprofit partners participating in aid or disaster relief.

Support the Flexport.org Fund through donations, or shipping goods to communities in need.

With your help, we can help reduce environmental impact and improve the lives of those in need.

Flexport offer details: Offer available until October 11, 2019 only to eligible Flexport clients who attended Flexport’s FORWARD conference between September 25, 2019 and September 27, 2019. Eligible clients will receive a 50% discount on all carbon offset costs (normally $7 per ton of CO2 and will instead be $3.50 per ton of CO2) for all shipments that are managed by Flexport and delivered throughout the year of 2020.

Offer not applicable to any shipments delivered prior to the start of 2020 or after 2020 has ended and any clients who sign up for Flexport’s carbon offset program prior to the start of 2020 (or are already a part of such program) will receive standard rates until the start of 2020.

Eligible clients may elect to sign up for Flexport’s carbon offset program during the offer term and structure their involvement so that carbon offsets will only begin in 2020. After redemption of this offer during the offer term the discounted pricing will be available to such client throughout 2020 even if such client cancels or suspends their participation in the program during the term and signs up again prior to the end of 2020.

Offer is not transferable, may not be resold, may not be combined with other offers, and may only be redeemed once per eligible client. Flexport reserves the right to cancel or modify this offer at any time.

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