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Ultimate Consignee

An ultimate consignee is the party who will be the final recipient of a shipment.

How to Ship to Amazon Australia

Know what you need to import into Australia, and how to set up and ship to Amazon FBA warehouses in Australia.

Ship From Address (Amazon)

Amazon Seller Central will request a Ship From address, and this address will not be your supplier's address.


FBA IDs are assigned to every shipment going to a different FBA warehouse.

Help CenterShipping to Amazon FBAHow to Ship to Amazon US/Canada with Flexport

How to Ship to Amazon US/Canada with Flexport

Complete the steps below if you are shipping to Amazon US/Canada. For Amazon EU shipments, see How to Ship to Amazon EU with Flexport.

How to create a shipment plan in Amazon Seller Central when you're shipping with Flexport in the US.

How to decide which final delivery method is right for your shipment, how to estimate prices, and how to select it in Amazon Seller Central for Amazon US shipments.

How to send a quote request to Flexport and what additional information you need to include.

How to share Amazon Seller Central with Flexport and why you need to do so.

How to track your FedEx, Amazon LTL, Flexport LTL, or Flexport LCL shipment to an Amazon FBA warehouse in the US.

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