Flexport Product Announcement: New User Roles

One of the biggest challenges facing old-world freight forwarders in the tech-savvy world of today is having the ability to answer critical business questions about your goods that inform timely, actionable business planning:

  • “How can I better optimize this supply chain?” – Analysts
  • “What are my landed costs per unit for this product line?” – Finance
  • “Where are my goods in transit & what needs my attention today?” – Operations
  • “When can I expect these SKUs to be on the shelf for our customer?” – Sales
  • “Why is nothing where I expect it to be?” – Management

For most forwarders, these can be difficult questions to answer: We’ll have someone get back to you”, “You’ll need to reach out to your account manager for that information”, “You’ll need to talk to a different department about that request”, “That’s not something we can get our arms around easily.” We see things a little differently at Flexport. Running a business with a global footprint at the speed of data means you don’t just need access to critical business insights, you need them at your fingertips in real-time.

One of the key benefits Flexport provides our customers is structured data about their supply chain, captured in real-time by a modern software platform. For many of our clients this is a game-changer—they’ve never had such easy access to insights about how their freight business actually runs. Often their immediate impulse was to share these insights with the rest of their organization, but many worried that providing access to infrequent users who might unknowingly cancel, re-route, or modify a shipment was too big a risk.

We listened and understood this concern, so starting today we’re giving Administrators more granular control over user permissions in the Flexport app so they never have to worry about that risk again!

Analyst - Watcher Role

Under the “user settings” section of the navigation toolbar, Administrators now have the ability to designate stakeholders in their organization as an Analyst or a Tracker.

Analyst permissions are very similar to those already provided to normal Member’s, except they won’t be able to modify or delete anything in your Flexport account. This role is perfect for executives, senior stakeholders or analysts who need access to rich shipment information, but likely aren’t familiar with how the app works or what they can really do with the data we collect. Analyst permissions allow these stakeholders the freedom to play around in the app without the risk of “breaking” anything in your Flexport account.

Tracker permissions are intended for those stakeholders who might need to follow the status of shipments closely, but don’t need access to analytical reporting, landed cost data or other billing details. This role is perfect for account executives, your sales team or anyone who just needs to answer the question “Where is my cargo?”

In addition to the shipment “share” feature, these new roles should provide the granular controls necessary to keep anyone in your supply chain informed with the data they need to make timely business decisions.

Please give these user roles a try & let us know what you think, we’d love to hear from you.

Happy shipping!

Kyle Olney is a product manager at Flexport.