Clearing a shipment through U.S. Customs has historically been one of the more complicated and annoying parts of the importing process. Depending on what product you are importing and from which country, there are 120 different forms that may need to be filed involving 10 different government agencies. And the bad news is that the legal responsibility for understanding these regulations lies with the importer. The customs brokerage profession exists to help importers ensure compliance with all the various laws and regulations, while ensuring their goods arrive smoothly at their destination.

  • Flexport is the first customs brokerage built around a modern web application. Our online dashboard makes it simpler and cheaper for businesses to import products from overseas, get them cleared through US Customs and delivered to their destination.

  • We show you exactly which documents and information you need to clear customs, then go get that information from your suppliers and freight providers.

  • Your dedicated Global Logistics Manager supervises the entire process, providing immediate answers to your questions, and making sure your goods arrive without delay.

  • We are one of the most affordable, transparent and easy-to-use customs brokerages in the industry.

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