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FlexU blog 8-04-21

August 4, 2021

FlexU: Learn to Work Your Supply Chain for All It’s Worth


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Flexport makes shipping your cargo transparent, reliable, and affordable

We live in wondrous times. Technology allows us to trade more than ever—faster and at higher volumes, between more people in more parts of the world.

Now, anyone is just a few clicks away from importing or exporting anywhere. For first-time shippers, easier access to resources is a chance to start and grow. For companies watching the world change, it’s a signal to adapt and thrive.

Keep your supply chain knowledge fresh with the new FlexU. Flexport has curated videos from top industry experts, so you can shape your business for success.

Watch supply chain tutorials on FlexU now.

Make sure your business is on the right course with FlexU video courses. Each video is short and sweet, so you can start applying what you learn immediately:

  • Break big logistics topics into easier takeaways to build operations.
  • Set up, scale, and optimize your global supply chain with actionable ideas.
  • Skip pitfalls, like inventory mismanagement or wasteful logistics spending.

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Get started with four essential topics: Supply Chain, Ocean, Air, and Trucking. The curriculum is ever-evolving—just like global trade—so you can watch, rewatch, and look out for more, coming soon.

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